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You will See it!

For the past week or so I have been stuck on this new song by my Full Gospel Fellowship cousin Vashawn Mitchell called “See the Goodness. I heard it for the first time in July and then again last sunday as he visited my local church in DMV and it speaks to one of my prayers in this season, which is seeing the goodness of the lord while I am still alive and able to with my own eyes. The days are moving rapidly and quite honestly those swift transitions use to scare me, but the older I get the more I am becoming at peace about the days I have and the unknown days ahead.

As I prepared for another funeral today, I am remembering a life well lived and the many reasons we must LIVE also. If not for anything its to see the GOODNESS of the lord. I used to think that I had seen and heard it all. The good, bad, ugly and indifferent. I watched people get healed and I watched people die , I have heard about and experienced an abundance of heartbreak of my own and I know each of you have as well and at times you probably thought there was no way that you would be able to get through that season but we are still here! Alive, Well and thriving despite the experience. I want to set the record straight today for those in a season of doubt, confusion and uncertainty …. You my friend will SEE THE GOODNESS of the lord in everything situation you are currently facing.

Let not your heart be troubled ….

Do not lean into your own understanding or lack thereof…….

Don’t try to control the things with your own hands ….

Be still….

Obey ….

TRUST that your minutes and hours ahead will continue to prove that GOD is GOOD and that you will SEE the GOODNESS through it all. If you are waiting on something special, a breakthrough, a promotion, a name change, an opportunity I urge you to speak of it in a way that deems it confident and well with your soul because it too is apart of the GOODNESS you will SEE while you LIVE. There is no time for worry and walking dead when GOODNESS awaits.

If you are like me and needed a reminder on an exhausting day, choose to LIVE to see it. Don’t rush it, walk with great expectation of the GOOD, Assume the positive even when the math does not math and WAIT for it. For 10 years I was praying about a thing and I found myself discouraged recently because what I saw did not match what I prayed but a little light bulb went off today. That light bulb reminded me that GOODNESS is made up of small particles of GOOD that happen over time almost like the ingredients to a cake and why it does not taste good on its own when it’s mixed all together over time all those small particles of good make up the GOODNESS( Cake) and my friends it is going to be SWEET! (You see what I did there) , I can see the fruit of the 10 years alot clearer now , I can see goodness cooling preparing to be frosted and ready to serve to others and for that I am grateful . I will SEE the goodness and so will YOU!

Be still and know that the best awaits.

Change your attitude, LIVE to SEE IT and have a great weekend!

XOXO-R. Rene’


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