• R. Rene' Woodard

You are a FIGHTER!

Good People!!

Check-In real quick!! It is Tuesday, the 9th day of February we are well into Black History Month and I could not be more excited. Like you , I definitely believe we need far more than a month to be celebrated for all of the excellence that we possess but since we are only given 28 days on this calendar I intend to walk in all of my BLACKNESS every single day and I pray that you do as well!!

When you hear people talk about black history, they always seem to start with the fact that we were once enslaved. They end with our road to freedom and our rebellious yet resilient ability to fight for our rights and essentially what we wanted. From Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisolm, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X and more …. it’s always about the FIGHT…. It hit me in my spirit something different because it makes sense now why everyone is so scared of BLACK PEOPLE. We are some of the most fascinating individuals on the planet. We know how to break free mentally and physically and if pushed in the wrong direction folks know that we have the power to start some stuff if they’re not careful! As many of us have been silently navigating better yet BATTLING this pandemic , the pandemic walls ( I can't be the only one) , the lack of resources, the disconnect from the physical interaction of family and friends …. it's important that I acknowledge you in this way today. I want to remind you that you have what it takes to push through this thing. WE as a people learned from the best …Our ancestors were always in trouble. It did not always feel good, look like any light was at the end of the tunnel but by the grace of GOD and the good SENSES placed inside of them they persevered.

So, to the person reading today, struggling to embrace the days of the new year and maybe even a new unplanned life season just know you have the FREEDOM and FIGHT to FIGURE IT out. You were born a FIGHTER, Your VOICE carries like Mahalia, you have the speed of Wilma Rudolph and Florence Griffith-Joyner, you have the style and grace of First Lady Michelle Obama and The Respect and Influence of Martin Luther King Jr …. STAND UP ( Stop Crying and Praying for Change , YOU ARE the Change) , Get yourself together ( remember who you are) MAKE YOUR REQUEST KNOWN ( Pray, Write the letter, Ask the question, Resign if you must) and HELP somebody else on your way up and out! Long gone are the days of living in bondage…. Be it bondage placed by yourself or others! 2021 is the blank canvas of life that you did not even realize you needed, but it is here for YOU to paint the picture you wish for the world to see! Live in the FREEDOM once and FOR ALL and put up whatever FIGHT you must to keep it!

In the spirit of our ancestors, have a great week and Keep Living Black and Proud!

Remember, You stand on the shoulders of GIANTS every time your feet hits the ground!

- R. Rene’ xoxo

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