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The Power of using your voice IRT! ( In real time)

Say it in real time ….

What I have learned over the years is to not move in haste but to also not allow things that bother me to sit within without being communicated for too long. I have learned to speak up …. in REAL TIME. Like the popular acronym IRL (In real Life), I’ll coin this IRT!

Being what many would call a more seasoned adult, I just have this thing with fully using my voice.

Rather that voice is being used as an honorary supplement to my YES or my NO, to advocate for the fragile , young or elderly , standing on behalf of women, business owners, my family , people I LOVE or myself specifically , I find freedom in saying what I mean and meaning what I say in real time (IRT).

People do not know what you need, how you feel or what is in your heart or head unless you share it with them. We can no longer buy in to the false narrative that people should just know. Newsflash: They/We do not know, and we do not know because you did NOT tell us in real time. Today’s entry is for the person who believes that everyone should be a mind reader or the good folks that think everyone saw their IG/FB/Twitter or Tik-Tok post because that is where you share life. I am sharing today as a messenger… NOBODY knows because YOU have not said a word and they never will until YOU DO. Stop relying on outside algorithms to do the work of real-time humanity and get back to talking to those you love before you assume yourself out of a relationship, friendship, or job!

There is not a text or IM that can be sent or post that can be made that will ever take place of the power of your voice. The compassion of your tone and the transparency of your heart! Say what you need to say in real time. If you were offended, if it disappointed you, if a thing does not work for you speak up! You cannot control how others may respond but you can control how you communicate the things that can make or break you if held in too long.

Now before you take this as the greenlight to go argue that is NOT what I am saying here …. I am speaking to the mature adult that has said enough is enough, rather than project my own insecurities, thoughts, and misconceptions about a thing on my family, friends, team, and others I am going to come clean in the most vulnerable way in hopes that those on the receiving end hear my heart. That is who this is for. The ones that understand it is more about what they release than what is to be received in return.

See truth is, saying a thing in real life keeps you free and whatever happens after that is not your business. (Tabatha Brown Voice)

There is no better time than in real time!

How many of you are willing to admit you have been holding some things hostage that have made you feel like less than yourself all because you did not address a thing or two in real time? Was it a co-worker? Family? Friend? Do not let it hold you back another day, free yourself with the power of your voice and clear the air. For everybody with an elephant in room with others fix it, for those who cannot get the words out verbally, write a letter send it or not just release it to open room up for the good stuff that needs to occupy the once clogged up space.

Pick and choose ALL your battles wisely!!

Can we all commit this week to say things IN REAL TIME? That hurt, that did not feel good to hear, I do not feel supported, FIND Your words, and use them for others but more importantly for YOU!!

Have an amazing week!!

Love & Light –

Rochonda Rene’

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Lakika Scott
Lakika Scott
27 jun. 2023

Good stuff! IRT

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