• R. Rene' Woodard


Happy Wednesday good people!!!

I hope your week is off to a great start! This week has been “A-HA" or “Light Bulb" moment central so please roll with me while I try my best to translate these moments , emotions and encounters that may somehow help you as you navigate the remainder of the week.

First things first, I recently made a personal oath to myself to take control of my health. Not that I am sick or any recent diagnosis but because word on the street and in my google photo drive is that about two years ago I was a tad bit obsessed with working out and fine fine. Listen who am I to argue with the streets or google? I'm still fine but I am approaching 40 years old and my prayer is that I continue to feel this good for as long as I live so I have to maintain. This thought led me to 30 days of Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates and some cardio work. I started this journey about 2 weeks ago, it’s not easy but each day I am reminded that it is worth it. I made this oath or declaration verbally but I also emailed it to myself as a reminder so I could see it on my calendar daily

Until I SEE the results.

Today's encouragement simply comes from the power of words... I've said it before but this year I just feel it's critical to our success and being in this life season. You can honestly see what you want and desire if you just say it. It's the hardest theory for many to conceptualize but it's truly one of the most powerful traits we possess and have control of. As many of you know, I spend a large amount of time in airports weekly, TSA and the Federal Transportation Authority have signs posted in every city, every airport that read " See Something, Say Something " to signal to all passengers and employees that it is not only OK to SAY something when you SEE I t but that it is a responsibility of yours to do so in the event bags are left unattended or anything looks suspicious. I personally began to think about my travels and the things that I have seen and wondered was there ever a time that I saw something and did not say anything. I couldn't necessarily recall any moment like that but it reminds me each time I am in the airport to remain observant and in tune with the happenings around me because it is indeed my civic duty to SAY something if necessary. It's a powerful thought to think , that if I don't say a word then what I see could never be acknowledged, confiscated, explored and could essentially be harmful to others including myself. This my friends is how I got here because if my words have that much power when I see something how much power do those same words have on the reverse. So I started testing my theory, doing thing like “TODAY will be an amazing day" and the day was an amazing day. I started saying this week something BIG is going to happen and that week BIG things started to HAPPEN. I started Speaking words and thoughts and writing down what my heart was full of to see just how far this thing could go and I promise it has not yet led me astray. It forces me to be selective with my words and my dealings understanding again this responsibility is too important to misuse. What you say to others and to yourself matter. It has the power to shift the frequency of every area of your life because it changes your perspective on life.

Don't believe me, here's another example. On Sunday after the Kansas City Chiefs WIN the super bowl the internet went wild. Lots of celebration pictures, the ones that stood out for me were those that proved words to be powerful! On Feb 6, 2013 Patrick Mahomes II tweeted “I bet it feels amazing to be the quarterback who says” I'm going to Disney World “after winning the super bowl. He released those words and here we are a few days shy of 7 years from making that tweet he is the quarterback going to Disney World. Still not convinced? On February 7, 2010 (Jesus) Demi Lovato Tweeted

" One day, I'm going to sing the national anthem at super bowl. Onnnneee dayyy.... “10 years later, On Feb 2, 2020 Demi Lovato sang the national anthem at super bowl. STOP ME when you see something different, putting your words in the atmosphere is the best seed you could plant this year. WHAT are you hanging hope on today!? Say something that TODAY that can push your HOPE and FUTURE into existence now!

I can share so much about this concept but just know that I spoke some words a year ago this month that I am seeing take place TODAY, Wednesday Feb 5, 2020 and I AM NOT DONE SPEAKING the life I want to see into existence! If you have been afraid to say it, I dare you be bold enough to scream it from wherever you are and set some things in motion. It's yours if you SAY IT.

Alexa, play speak it into existence!

Love ya in real life!

R. Rene-

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