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Marathon Mentality ......

Greetings Peeps and Happy Monday!!

I pray that each of you had a wonderful holiday weekend or as wonderful as you could with the covid restrictions on gathering. I have to admit it was a bit different but it still was good to start a new tradition ( like outsourcing dinner, lol) sharing in laughs with some of my closest friends locally and just loving on the warmth and peace that comes with being home.

Being the last Monday of what went from a 20/20 clear to a very uncertain of a year i real quick, it's only right that I drop off the final blog share of 2020. As I reflected over the year and searched to lean on the highs and the lows for what to share, I realized that this may have been one of the most transparent years to date. Like everyone was on the same playing field , everyone was locked in ,out , down and likely felt stuck and there was no need on faking it ( as if anyone would, insert sarcasm) because every story somehow started the same and that my friends has never happened before. No matter your economic status or background covid proved that we had a lot more similarities than differences. This part of the story will never get old for me because many realized finally , money could not save you , material possessions were just that and that the blood running through your veins and the oxygen in your lungs could very well be attacked either way.

I must admit that the thought of this reminded me of a story I shared months ago regarding the quest or journey to reach a place called " there" that does not exist. I see it already on social media, articles and other platforms the goal setting , vision boarding and lining up of detailed to-do lists, planning for the NEW YEAR as if when the clock strikes midnight that suddenly everyone needs to start over or lean into a new list of plans and things. If we are honest because of the craziness of 2020 there were things on your list that just did not get done yet and rather than push you into something new I want to challenge you this week to refresh the old and finish tackling the list you already have!! When a runner begins a long-distance race, they don't go back to the finish line and start over they keep running and simply shift their pace, breathing to cross the finish line no matter how long it takes. Some runners start fast and end slow, while other start slow and end fast but no matter how they start they don't stop or start a new race until they are FINISHED. It sounds good to map out a new vision, to add more on your plate for the sake of " doing " but what happens when you have a list of old things that still need your attention? A list of things that you once referred to as your call, purpose or goal? Do you just put it down and start something else? Do you no longer believe you can achieve it and that this new thing would be easier or get you the results quicker? No matter how you answered the question, you must remember that most successful people view their goals rather short or long as a marathon. They do so to leave room for false starts, slow starts and strong finishes. Don't allow society to push you to change your pace .... your race is your own. Nipsey Hussle did us a solid when he said the marathon continues .... I think it really went over some folks head because if you look closer and you think about it the race does not end until you stop ...... so rather than stop to start , I'd like to encourage you this last Monday of 2020 to simply continue into 2021..... Pull out the list from this time last year , cross out things that manifested and came to pass, highlight what still needs to happen and if you want to add to it cool but the gamechanger will be to simply refresh, re-dig, reset rather than start over. God's plan for you did not change ...... The promise, the vision, the thing that is taking a little longer it never changed ... the world did .... that GOAL is still possible .... new year and all.

I know this message may be unpopular opinion for some....but for those of you that know in your heart your vision has not changed , your finish line still looks the same then I urge you to change your pace but stay in the race and know continuing is just as good as those that choose to start over the key is finishing.

I'll stop there :)

Be good to yourself and Have a Happy New Year!!

R.Rene’ xoxo-


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