• R. Rene' Woodard

Love, Loss, Light .....

Greetings good People!!

I hope that your week has started off full of an abundance of Love and Light and if it did not, I pray that it will all start to look up by the time you read this entry.

Coming off a weekend of National Black Love Day (it’s the 13th and a real thing), Valentine’s day and a 3-day weekend for most it’s almost mandatory to be in a good mood. I say ALMOST because I understand we are still in the pandemic, addressing vaccine concerns and life is continuously happening both expected life things and unexpected life things so I get it. For me, today is special…. it’s not the best memory but it’s one close to me. February 15th marks 3 whole years since my Grandmother transitioned from her earthly dwelling to the heavens. If you know me and I mean KNOW ME, then you know all about the days of Willie Lou Woodard and Rochonda. My grandmother was my biggest cheerleader, advocate and mirror in a lot of ways because she would force me to see myself and think things through with as little as a LOOK and no words. She was the best listener, caring as ever, a great cook and essentially the best 1st mentor a girl could ask for. I can appreciate every little thing she instilled in me for all 37 years I was able to experience her light and love. It really did not hit me until yesterday that the day was approaching. I found myself talking about her all weekend. Referencing her sayings, using her life examples in conversations and more. In prior years, the day would be a somber reminder of her death but today I was all smiles at the thought of her life.

Today, I want to encourage those of you struggling to digest loss. The loss of a loved one or significant other, the loss of yourself due to grief or even change; the loss of a job, home or relationship. I’m here to let you know that It won’t always feel the way it currently feels. It won’t always rob you of your joy, peace, forward movement or your sleep. Your sorrows will eventually shift to an overflowing cup of strength that you won’t have words to explain. You will get your smile back and you will be able to TAP into everything that the loss taught you. I often share with people that every loss is a win because it comes with a teaching component. Loss in death teaches you to evaluate and appreciate relationships more and to cherish what’s left and what’s close to you no matter who or what it is. It never feels good but as you grow and over time it tends to make more sense and you realize you wouldn’t have half the courage , grit or grace if it weren’t for the win received in the loss of your personal legends ( like grandma) . The loss of employment, homes or relationships can be viewed the same. You learn something about yourself what you want, what you don’t want, what you would do different and the power of stewardship over every gift perfect or imperfect. Because you are still here, alive, well and able you still have work to do and what better way than to honor what you loss by beginning again an essentially getting to your win. There will be days, you will have moments (that doesn’t stop) but how you manage the moments will be the key to your success moving forward.

See my grandmother loved a good fish and chip dinner and it hit me today that those solo meal days she took to get one at her favorite restaurant or her desire to go sit inside Halo Burger ( Flint Staple) and have a sandwich before going home or sliding over to Hudson’s ( Marshall Fields) to buy herself something nice just for her was probably her idea of self-care. So today, in honor of my dear grandmother I had a self-care day. I read a new book while sitting in a Salt Cave followed by another extended period in a warm sauna. It was the absolute best 1 hour and 45 minutes of time I’ve gifted myself in quite some time. Give your mind and body what it needs this week!

Find your joy …

Restore your peace….

Resolve what was and Rest in what is!!!!

Till next time,

R. Rene’ xoxo


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