• R. Rene' Woodard

Life is for Living!

Greetings Good People!!

It’s been a few weeks since I checked in, so here I am!

I have literally been heads down in work and when I am up for air, I have finally had the opportunity to spend a few quality moments with family and the people I love despite the lingering remnants of the pandemic. So, while it’s been busy with lots of ups and downs, I can honestly say it has been fruitful! My prayer for you during this midweek motivational moment is that you too begin to find dedicated time to deep dive into living outside of the lines of work life. I have shouted Balance from the mountain tops throughout the years, but I promise its more important than ever to find your personal piece (peace) of Balance right now in this very moment. Life happens FAST and the last thing I want for any of us is to do is forfeit time that we cannot get back.

During my brief hiatus, a loved -one was lost …. she was 90 years old and the last of the Matriarchs. My grandmother’s last living sibling. As I reflected on the life, she lived it forced me to look at my life in an up-close and personal way. I reflected on childhood to adulthood and the many laughs, tears, lessons and blessings I am so grateful to have experienced because of them. The foundational principles that have followed me and how I live today and what it meant to consider your family, brothers, sisters, parents and cousins both blood and non-blood alike. The bond between my grandmother and her siblings was unmatched but I didn’t realize what they were establishing for our legacy and our family until this very moment. When many hear that she was 90, they say “She lived a long and full life” …. I asked myself what will people say about US when the time comes. I would hope that alongside the words of Well-Done by the Lord God himself that those left on earth would collectively say ….” She lived a Long and Full Life” and quite frankly that’s my prayer for you today as well.

Many of you are still running the hamster in the wheel race from work, to business, to do this and do that without ever coming up for air. You feel as if you have to make up for the loss of time in 2020. You have become so regimented in your moves that you don’t even look, feel or smell human anymore to even the people closet to you. I urge you to look up today and to remember that Life is for the LIVING. You were not created to just work and die or to live in such a deadly way. I get it, I know you are in the work now, chill later …. grind now, rest later …but sometimes that rest and chill is needed so that your grind does not wear you out and you expire before you even get a chance to RETIRE. I have a family member right now who has worked at the same job for the past 42 years. While it’s a blessing because it’s not many of our story …I cry for him. He has never been on a vacation and does not plan to do so until he retires. I see the fragile nature at which his body is diminishing and how mentally this job is all he knows. It saddened me because when I look up there’s so much life around him that he never gets to see. Are you like this family member working bad to the bones with all of these plans for when YOU retire, graduate, save some more money etc.? Are you like that? On a quest to get THERE, which does not exist? Each day that passes by is another missed opportunity at life. Each day that you tell yourself tomorrow is a missed moment …You evolve as time passes but some will evolve EMPTY because they never took a moment to refill their cup along the way.

I encourage you today to START LIVING …. whatever that looks like for you!! Make your money, focus on that school or work but don’t drop the ball on loving your people and living your life. You get One life to live, make it count!!

Find something to smile about today and ask yourself AM I living the LIFE I've been given!

Love ya,