• R. Rene' Woodard

It's Tuesday...

Greetings Peeps!!

It's Tuesday .... Have you addressed today like a Monday several times too?

Help us sweet Baby Jesus!!

Breathe in …Breathe out… Do it again, breathe in … Breathe out! Do it for a 3rd time …IN and OUT! I was leaving one of my good girlfriends last night and before we departed she said … “Promise me you will Breathe this week sis” and it hit me sometimes even with all that we do personally and professionally….many of us are NOT breathing as we should. Not taking the time to simply sit and breathe in and out to reset our systems and our minds between meetings, tasks, and responsibilities so much so that other people can sometimes notice it before you. Breathing techniques have truly become a part of my regular routine and it really helps so I encourage you to run it back as many times as you need to this week.

This weekend was all fun and games the quaranTEAM way! From socially distanced happy hour to a small birthday wine tasting for one of my favs it was truly a blast. Coming off a heavy 2 weeks prior it was just what I needed. Fresh air, good friends, food, and laughter always makes things right! If it were not for my quranteam I really don’t know where I would be! Life has its way of making you take inventory of your blessings as a reminder in hard times. Just like the moment we just took to breathe; it was a blessing reminder. For me each time I want to complain or feel a way about things not going as I desire I am quickly reminded of just how blessed I am …but more importantly how blessed we ALL are ( YOU included) to be here to chat about it. When I say blessings , I’m not talking about how many pairs of shoes you own , the properties , cars, jewelry or fame I’m talking about the true blessings of life like the blood flowing through our veins, the air in our lungs , activity of our God-given limbs and the strength , courage and love we possess on our journey, the family that was chosen for us despite our differences and the blessings of having an opportunity to get things right day in and day out …Like all of that is a blessing in itself. The pandemic has shown us that what use to matter just does not matter anymore. I am sure I have said this 10000 times on each weekly entry, and I will not stop because each week I find myself becoming grateful for yet another layer of blessings I had yet to account for.

As you begin to tackle this short work week, virtual learning, and other demands in your weekly responsibilities, I want to challenge you to simply consider your blessings in each of those moments. Everything may not look like you want it to , people may not show up when you need them and there may even be times where you become disappointed with yourself and get in your own way for one reason or another but I urge to look beyond that of what you see and stand on what you know. You know how blessed you are, right? Walk with that abundance in everything you do this week. Do not shrink but Don’t be arrogant …. Find appreciation in having all that you need even when you have a laundry list of wants!!

One major part of my self -care journey has been to lean into the needs of my mind and my body instead of my wants…. For example, I want sweets some days, but my body needs a reduced sugar intake to eliminate any sluggish moves and crashing in my day. I consider the blessing that I am not a diabetic and living a diabetes free life …. Which serves as a reminder to appreciate the fruit over the cake. None of this may make sense to you today …. but I promise you it will later. Consider the Blessing in your dealings and knock this week out as only you can with your full self on deck!

Love ya,

R. Rene’

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