• R. Rene' Woodard

Instrumental Version ...

Hey Family!!

How are you??? Like seriously, how are you?

Me, Myself, Personally I am running like a chicken with my head cut off. It’s 4th quarter and the last days of 2020 are among us. Can you agree that even with the many lows of 2020 there were also some highs? I sure can. Life continues to move rapidly and going into the final leg of the journey I just want to encourage you all a little bit. It is time to shake the room!

Those that know me, I mean really know me understand my love for all genres of music. I listen to everything. I love the beats, the melodies, the way the strings and horns sound when they are all mixed are amazing. It creates a good mood which essentially forces the body to move. Music literally shakes and shapes the room. As I thought about the concept of music and the many attributes and characteristics it takes for them to work together in harmony it made me think of people and how we work together or the opposite how we struggle to work together in unity. See what I love most about instruments is that instruments understand the assignment. They know when to come in and play and when to stand still all while remaining in position until it’s their turn to make a sound. If you have ever played an instrument or been to an orchestra or symphony you can always tell when someone is not on beat. For those saying you’ve never been to either , consider a band during an HBCU homecoming ….imagine if the horn section came in before the drums or vice versa on Frankie Beverly and Maze’s Before I let go , it would alter the sound correct? Same concept is important to keep in mind when you bring what you have into a space. I would like to believe that all instruments are aware of what they are who they are and what they bring to the table. Many people are missing opportunities of harmony by bringing the wrong sound and playing their instruments (gifts, voice, skills) out of turn. You cannot shake the room with the wrong tune.

I want to speak from the heart to the people that feel slightly left out, forgotten about or struggling to find your vibe in your industry, ministry or even in relationships. You feel like nothing you say or do can change the situation or get you where you desire to be. You have tried networking, speaking up and attempting to connect with other likeminded individuals and still no song. Might I suggest that you consider your instrument and how you are using such in these spaces. Are you bringing your full self to the jam session? Most importantly do you know how to read music? While everything is not for everybody, I am a firm believer that when you know your assignment, stay in your lane ,respect the boundaries and opinions of others that even the songs that may not have horns , drums and strings still have the ability to make a beautiful sound. As you navigate life over this last leg of 2020, I want to encourage you to take the blinders off.

Take off the blinders you have when it comes to others and when it comes to yourself. Be open to the ideas and recommendations of others. You do not have all the answers, stop acting like it and play your position and the instrument you have been given. When I was in the orchestra, I loved the flute but that was not my instrument, my instrument was the Viola. So rather than wish I could play flute, I mastered the Viola and owned my position in a way that worked well with the flute section. It was a WIN for all! So, stop the comparison and wishing, hoping, praying for a gift that is not yours and do well with what you have for the sake of you and the song! Understand that when you are always walking in true harmony as your authentic self the frequency of your gift will begin to shake the room before you even begin to play!

Own your journey and finish this year strong! I am looking forward to all the beautiful melodies created through the relationships and experiences that each of you will have over the next 3 months. You know the saying, “Your gift will make room for you”, I ‘d like to submit a new tag line “Your instrument will shake the room”! Get in alignment, don’t force a thing and know that even 1 instrument has the power to make an entire album.

Be encouraged,

R. Rene’




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