• R. Rene' Woodard

I prefer Autumn, not Fall....

Good People, Happy Tuesday!!!

Listen this is going to be quick and to the point …… Whatever you do in this season of transition …Don’t you FALL!!!

This season change in 2020 hits different …. It’s not enough that it’s the 1st day of fall and outdoor temperatures have already begun to Fall as well. It’s not enough that you and I can visibly see the change in the moods and energies of my loved ones and friends begin again …. Especially those that happen to really suffer from (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder aka “Seasonal Depression”. When the seasons change if you play close attention you can start to see a shift even days or weeks leading up to it. It’s an ugly cycle and if I’m honest I don’t like how it makes me feel either. See I love nice weather, I love water (beaches), I love flowers, I love outdoor spaces and the feeling of the warm sunshine hitting my skin in such a free yet breathable way. While I don’t suffer from SAD in Fall , I use to suffer heavily in winter because I’m a flowerchild and it was often hard for me to visibly see anything blooming in the middle of the winter blues and gloom. Then something shifted for the better and my perspective changed. See, just like many other things you must watch how you describe or refer to certain life seasons verbally because the power of words is real.

When I look at the four temperate seasons we refer to as Spring , Summer, Autumn ( Fall) and Winter I realize that out of all of the seasons , the one we don’t speak about with love and in it’s true origin is Autumn. We call it Fall… Why because the leaves fall, right? Because that’s what they taught you in school but what about the things that happen before the leaves fall? Like the tree getting its color back, the leaves changing colors bringing new vibrancy to life. What about that stuff? As I reflect on the seasons I realized also that Spring speaks to things coming up and growth , Summer gives us big things shaking energy and then BOOM FALL and after Fall here comes Winter the month of consecutive wins and celebrations.. It’s almost identical to a rollercoaster you go UP and then BOOM you go DOWN (FALL) and then before you can even feel the fall you are back at ease and the ride is over. FALL is very clearly defined as a lower place through loss or lack of support. to come or drop down suddenly to a lower position, especially to leave a standing or erect position suddenly, whether voluntarily or not”

In all honesty unless I am falling on my knees to pray (lol), I do not want to FALL for real and neither should you. Can we make a friendship circle of accountability as the season changes where we will commit to being proactive in combating our SAD days throughout this season by simply changing the way we speak about what this season means and looks like personally? I know the years prior proved one thing, I know this is just what happens to you every year I get it , b but I also know and believe that you have the power to shift the narrative by getting in tune with the joy that Autumn can bring if you allow it. When you create a solid plan and walk with consistency in each season no matter what the weather you will begin to set a season standard that proves unstoppable. So, I know you are asking, how do I prevent myself from Falling …. how do I go into this season optimistic when the world is in disarray and I really don’t have any outlets? I’m glad you asked …

Cover yourself mind, body and soul….

These 6 things have helped me tremendously throughout the years:

1. Meditate/Mindfulness- Surrender each new day, don’t focus on what WAS and keep your hands of the pulse of what IS. I talk about staying present a lot because most of folks’ anxious behavior comes from overthinking and racing ahead of whistle.

2. Exercise Get your body moving, do some at home yoga, take a neighborhood walk, start a family challenge.

3. Lights ON-, Do not sit in dark places – I even recommend natural light bulbs by GE it creates a beautiful outdoor affect in your indoor spaces and guaranteed to improve your mood!

4. Therapy – Art, Music, Psychological --- Talk it out, dance it out, cry it out, paint it out but don’t FALL OUT

5. Weekend Trips-Schedule a warm weather weekend trip, covid-safe of course but give yourself something to look forward to. Vacations motivate me to do a lot put something on the calendar!!

6. Serve Others- Do something for those less fortunate than you. Yes, I mean if. Sometimes helping those less fortunate than you bring about new meaning to your existence and purpose it also serves as a reminder that there are plenty of people who would love to be in your shoes. Serve with purpose!

Finally, don’t sleep your days away! Maintain the recommended sleep schedule and not a minute over. Keep yourself productive with things and people you love through each transition. Know your triggers and intentionally have a self-care plan in place that will force you to stay in good spirits on the inside even when it does not look so good outside! You got this, we got this!! Lean into Autumn with a pure, clean and creative heart!!

There’s still time to for something good to happen for us all! Believe with your whole heart and create the life you desire!

Love ya,

R. Rene’




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