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Greetings Fam!!

It has been a world wind of events the past 2 months of 2023 but I stand here full of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION for LIFE and those who have been called to LIVE this thing out with me. I pray that each of you are doing well and that this NEW month brings new FAVOR , more open doors and new opportunities to serve and be served!

This month is dedicated to the women , the sisters , the wives and boss ladies who continue to work hard and live SOFT. So fellas lift her up , remind her of her gifts this month and add to the beauty of #HERSTORY!

As I think of my story I can't help but think of my own superwomen. My mom , Aunts, grandmothers and great-grandmother. I think of the strength of Harriett Tubman, the resilience of Rosa and the grace of Coretta Scott-King, Let me not forget the innovative spirit of Madam CJ Walker all women who made BOLD moves that others deemed IMPOSSIBLE...... in this moment of knocking down doors I think of YOU too!! Yes , YOU! You too have done the impossible and that is something to celebrate.

I shared in a previous blogs that I am on this journey of celebration for 2023. I end each day with Congratulations! It helps me to change #mystory and celebrate the small wins like completing a hard day or doing the IMPOSSIBLE because I guarantee you do something everyday that would blow the minds of others and there is something worth CELEBRATING!!!

As we Kickoff Women's History Month I want to encourage you all to :

  1. Celebrate other Women- Society wants you to believe that women don't desire to see each other win or that there is some level of competition when there is room for everyone to EAT. Tell your good girlfriends, the lady BOSS, the barista or your moms, sisters and classmates just how inspired and blessed you are to have them in your corner. Celebrate you and Celebrate them too!

  2. Share your story - Sharing your story can help the people around you. There is no testimony too bright and no story too dark to be shared!! I don't have to call it out one by one but you know who you are and what you need to share. The strongholds, the resentment or lessons of that teenage pregnancy , the bad decision making whatever it is share it!!

  3. Make History #HERSTORY- Do a self-assessment of your goals and dreams this month . Evaluate the people, places or things that are blocking or that could contribute to your HERSTORY making moment. We all have something on the inside of us that can change a generation even if it only changes 1 person. Lean into that passion project , your purpose and MAKE HISTORY! You don't have to copy , you don't have to do what someone else is doing you just have to do what you are assigned to do ..... that's the place where the history is! Allow that gift to make room for you!

Remember you are NOT AVERAGE and MEDIOCRITY just won't DO. Level up , LIVE UP and Celebrate WELL!!! This MONTH IS OURS, make it count!!

Have an amazing week!!

PS. Join ME this Sunday , March 5th at 1pm for Virtual Women's Luncheon ----

Love ya,

R. Rene' xoxo


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