• R. Rene' Woodard

Hello Weekend!!

As I sit here preparing to lean into a 2 week break from my day job , feet up , PC on lap I can’t help but think about all the hard work each of us put in this year and the entire 18+ months of the pandemic for that matter. It’s truly been a whirlwind of work, emotions and transitions. Today, I am popping in to encourage you all to simply Remember your strength today. Remember who you are , what you carry and how you carry it. Let nothing that attempts to get you in a pickle, turn you off or up or even steer you from closing this year exactly how you intend to!

I started what I am calling a mini- sabbatical or a Selah ( a moment to pause /reflect) if you will on Wednesday of this week. The craziest thing about it is I have continued to work every day until this very moment just like many of you. You know how it is , the masses find out you are powering down and everybody needs something or has to give you a heads up in preparation for future request. In weeks and months prior I would have become completely anxious even thinking about all that was being thrown my way but not this time. I made a commitment to myself that staying present was going to get me through the end of the year, not going too far ahead and definitely leaving the past exactly where it is. So I breathed on through it and now we are here exhaling and embracing the joy of the weekend.

The crazy part is there was a moment when something tried to interfere with this joy and boom GOD blocked it suddenly! Just know that if you take this posture the rest of the year things will begin to shift SUDDENLY. I really can't make it up , ( I'll share the story the next blog but for now Can you do me a big favor this weekend?

Breathe …..

Exhale …….


Laugh .......and Leave the week where it is when you log off today.

Don’t take it into this weekend before Christmas, Don’t allow your family to feel the grunt of all the pressure from outside sources like work and business. We always think we will have tomorrow , or I will make the time loss up with my children, loved ones and spouse when we get on break. Do something different and love on them today and stop waiting for a perfect moment or a moment that looks like you are free. ( I am unsure who this is for but I guess it needed to be said)

What ever you choose , spread love , smile a lot and enjoy every moment , feel every breathe . We are going out healthy , free and optimistic right!?

Thank you for the years of support and showing my writing and blog shares so much grace. Your text and emails keep me motivated each week! I pray that you all get to take a real SELAH as well deserve it!!

I love you all with my whole heart,

Have a great weekend xoxo!

R. Rene'