• R. Rene' Woodard


Greetings Peeps!!

Dropping in for our regular Monday meet and Greet …. not because I want to but because I have to. I am committed to inspiring, pushing positivity and spreading a glimmer of hope and optimism even when things get heavy. That being said.... Y’all this weekend was Heavy …. No lie! I was riding down the street on Saturday headed off on my normal routine trying to beat the rain and get errands done. I approached a light where I noticed two cops on the sidewalk talking to a homeless man that appeared intoxicated. I mean intoxicated to the point of falling each time he attempted to walk or move. The cops looked as if they were cautiously handling the situation considering many of us were watching , sirens appeared and another cop car as the light turned green before I knew it the man began to walk into ongoing traffic and tears began to flow from my eyes. It was in that moment that I realized I was not OK and more importantly WE, ALL OF US, YOU included WE ARE NOT OK.

I began to pray for that man specifically and that his situation would not end deadly. My thoughts flooded and I started praying for him. For him and every other black man despite their condition who immediately tense up when they have an interaction with the cops and for every black woman like me who becomes filled with anxiety at the thought of those we love and strangers being any of the people who loss their lives this year at the hands of those assigned to protect and serve. It’s disheartening, it makes me sick to my stomach and it also scares me to think that this the land of the FREE. As if that was not enough , we had Kobe & GG, John Lewis, CT Vivian, Little Richard, Betty Wright, Andre Harrell, Pop Smoke, now this weekend Chadwick Boseman and today John Thompson a basketball coaching icon and the countless of American’s who lost their lives to COVID-19!! 2020 is going hard all pressure no breaks and on an even a good day I know you feel the weight too!

As Heavy as all of this is …are you still willing to be hopeful? To trust the process. I know it’s hard but if you are just willing even if only for a minute to lean into the power of words, the memories of winning wars of the past or even when the odds looked against you in a situation, I am sure you can muster up some faith and remembrance that will carry you through the tough seasons of 2020. This week I want you to do just that activate the supernatural – HERO LIKE STRENGTH – think of Chadwick’s 4-year journey and battle yet without complaint and how graceful he pushed through until…. I urge you to push through until…until a change comes …. until your assignment is done …. until you see what you believe! See that alone will make some people change their belief during these trying times too. If all you see or believe is pain, hurt and loss that’s all you will begin to manifest. WE cannot count 2020 out yet. In honor of John Thompson, let’s set this up like a ball game. We are entering the home stretch 1 game before the Championship, 4th quarter down by 30. What do we need to do to win? It looks impossible but we play ball we know anything can happen in the last quarter the “W” is still an option if you have the right players in the game. So I challenge you this week to gather your squad , talk to the team and put the right players on the floor this quarter those who don’t foul out( speak negative thoughts) , those who know how to use their time wisely when the ball is in their hand (These folks will take the shot if it’s in reach but also give you time to get in place when necessary - Grace) and last but not least those that will Guard like their life depends on it! See these are the players that also believe and stand in agreement with you that the W is really possible. (Peace Protectors, Accountability Partners).

I promise if you approach this final quarter with HOPE and the right team anything is possible. So hold your head up, shake it off, take a few deep breaths, cry, scream , VOTE, LOVE ON YOUR FAMILY, FORGIVE SOME FOLKS and let’s go win this GAME!

Love ya,

R. Rene’

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