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Don't Forget to THANK the Pilot!

Don’t forget to THANK the Pilot!!

What’s up good people! I know it’s been a few weeks since I put pen to paper to share with you, so I hope that this entry finds each of you well! As usual #Chondaland remains a fast paced, multi-layered adventure full of life notes and one day really soon I am going give you a glimpse of my full journey. Just know GOD remains GOOD and things are happening, so your prayers and support continue to be appreciated!!

As many of you know my weeks can be full of travel. From east to west, north to south, across the pond and back one never knows where to find Carmen (San Diego) as my friends often call me. This week I found myself traveling from the deep south of Savannah, GA to the Midwest on Monday afternoon. A variety of storms were spinning from the east coast causing major travel concerns for many travelers.

Savannah was sunny, humid with not a cloud in sight.

As we got seated on the plane, the pilot hopped on the intercom to chat about the planned ride north to Chicago.

He stated that the ride down was choppy due to some weather in between and that we may experience some turbulence along the way. The pilot also stated that he would keep us informed as we entered the area that could affect our flight the most.

Once airborne, the flight attendants began proactively passing out a small snack, again letting us know that they were anticipating a period of travel where no one on the plane would be able to stand or move including them. Friends, I have been on lots of flights over the years but never have I ever had this type of proactive preparation for anticipated turbulence and storms.

As I sat there, I started looking around to see what type of preparation others were making and to my surprise apart from raising tray tables and getting kids comfortable in seatbelts everyone appeared really calm. I proceeded to close my eyes for a word of prayer ( she saved saved) and prepared my mind for the known and the unknown because the PILOT had given me some instructions in advance. In that very moment I asked myself “Do you Trust the Pilot” …. Without hesitation a stillness hit me, and I said YES.

My PILOT has prepared me for the unknown by giving me clear instructions regarding what is ahead of me.

My Pilot let me know that even though I could not see what he saw coming that I would potentially be able to FEEL the effects of what he saw (the storm) once we got to a certain altitude.

At the exact time passing through Kentucky, the pilot hopped on the intercom once again and said for the next 30 minutes nobody move the storm is here. The plane shook multiple times, the plane dropped in altitude abruptly, the pilot kept the plane as steady as possible even when the wind pressure attempted to MOVE us otherwise, he saw the storm head on, told us we would feel a drop and protected us from the effects of it the best he could. What I loved most is that My Pilot kept me knowledgeable before, during and after the storm. How many times has the PILOT protected you? Taken all of the heaviness of the storm while carrying a HUGE LOAD yet still getting you to your destination and back on the ground safely with no signs of what you felt and what he saw?

Can you even imagine the work it took for the PILOT to get us through it?

Do you tell the PILOT THANK YOU when you reach your destination and deplane? Or do you keep walking as if he/she just did their job? We have become so entitled in our physical and spiritual lives that we tend to proceed as if we are in control. We don’t thank the PILOT on the plane, and we often forget to tell the PILOT of life THANK YOU daily as well. This week, I encourage you to shift gears and simply TELL YOUR PILOT THANK YOU! Don’t exit another flight without paying homage to the one who got you where you needed to be in the middle of a storm!

It is the preparation and proactive approach of the pilot that continues to position you for success in your everyday life and during every trip around the sun (Literally). DON’T YOU DARE Forget to THANK YOUR PILOT; I sure did! 😊

Be Blessed as you navigate the remainder of the week and be mindful of the storms you never SEE in front of you because the PILOT continues to protect you! Shift your perspective, LIVE and just say THANK YOU!

Your thoughtfulness will go a long way!

With Love,

R. Rene’


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