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Clean it UP!

What’s up Peeps!!

This weekend was full of reflection. I caught myself in a moment of unexpected somber thinking of all the plans I had on my schedule for the week that were canceled or postponed. Many of you may have likely seen my post about all the alarms and reminders that were going off in my phone regarding packing and preparing for events. Friday, I realized that #RONA had snatched up my plans and I couldn’t do anything about it …besides UPDATE my calendar. So, I encourage you all to do the same, update your calendars accordingly so you too don’t have to experience Beach reminders on Couch Arrest.

Nonetheless, I have been reflecting during my moments of Spring Cleaning and I realized I forgot to say some things during one of my previous blogs. I told you to Raise It up but I don’t think I shared that in order to be successful in raising up those gifts, talents and ideas that you would need to Clean It up too. You’re probably thinking what do I need to clean up, I am going full steam ahead all gas, no breaks, putting myself or my team out there and its working so I’m good. I know, I hear all of that from each of you, but do you want to SUSTAIN what you are building?? Or are you in this place of Pandemic Passion and when the world opens back up and life goes back to normal this thing you have raised then becomes a thing of the past? Are you just building or “ doing “ things to fill time and space only? With no thought of establishing long-standing IMPACT? Believe me , as I told you all last week , I am proud of you for just showing up but if you ask anyone that knows me be it client, friend , associate or business partner they will assure that what sets me apart from any other coach, consultant or advisor and maybe even blogger is that I am NOT positioned to entertain you and just allow you to present a GOOD brand or idea without first being a GOOD person…. (Hence, this is the LIFE BRAND FACTORY). See today, my spirit is a bit vexed because I see so many people, influencers, associates, etc. presenting and painting beautiful pictures, Canva skills on fleek, pushing amazing content but it’s not reflected in their everyday life. Are you applying the same advice that you are selling as a masterclass? Are the digital downloads you prepared for an audience been test and tried through experience and testimony that you are now willing to share? Or are you super prepared to show up for your business brand when your identity and household for that manner are still in shambles?? See it’s the little things for me … For example, I would never give you the Keys to Keeping a Clean and Organized Closet ( Though I could, I keep mine color coordinated) but I’ve yet to master how to keep it as organized over time without resetting it constantly. So, because of that I would not teach it before I have a proven technique that works for the long haul. Before you all go and beat me up, sending me emails etc. Let me be clear, I am not saying that you cannot start a thing in an imperfect state because our Imperfections make us Perfect, but what I am saying is if you have the skills and talents to present and run an organized business brand then you have the strength and power to live a intentionally cleaned up life. We are over the days of presenting pretty without being pretty. Looking good on camera and jacked up not speaking to your spouse, friend when the lights are out. Even smiling and presenting joyful for the moment and hateful and bitter otherwise …PLAY TIME IS OVER if you have not noticed. What YOU are on the INSIDE matters much more than WHO YOU ARE when you are LIVE. (I said what I said) ---- No title, nor economic status, or how important you think you are makes any of us better than the next person at this moment. We are all playing the same life game, with the same life challenge and WHAT gets cleaned up during this time will be the only thing that will LAST for months, years and seasons to come!

I can say this because I live it. I experience it…..each blog is not just for you it’s also a reminder , a mirror if you will for me …to keep me on my GAME and to remind me why the LIFE brand that I BUILD matters. What I think of me matters. The space I live in Matters, What I offer to the world matters and because I am not interested in things that are clean on the outside , dirty in the inside why would I offer such a thing to others???

Clean it UP people, that attitude, those closets and bedrooms, your responses to your spouses…your business is not the only thing that deserves the best version of you!

I promise I'm just the messenger ....govern yourselves accordingly!

Love ya fa real!!!

R. Rene’-

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