• R. Rene' Woodard

Audience of 1 ...

What do you do when nobody likes your picture, tweet or status …?

What do you when you plan a party and there is very view confirmed guest…?

What do you do when none of your friends and family support your vision…?

What do you do when someone says you CAN’T…?

How well would you perform in an audience of 1?

Would you give it your all? Would you cancel or stop the show because it looks as if nobody is there? What if I told you, you have been performing for the wrong audience? What if I told you that the reason for the lack or feeling of ineffectiveness in your gift, call and purpose was directly tied to who you put on for? Would you still be rushing to the finish line with your own health, stress and anxiety becoming a casualty? You ever created something powerful, you ran to get it done and I mean you felt like it was a 100% showstopper and then BOOM it did everything but show stop!? The result received less traction than you initially anticipated …. Ever been there? If you answered YES or No this one is for you! 😊

Your audience is and always should be an audience of 1 and that 1 is THE ONE and ONLY. For me that’s GOD for someone else reading this it could be the higher power or being that you subscribe to. At the end of the day the audience of 1 should be more than enough to fulfill you and give you the strength and courage to do your thing. Stop putting up numbers and gains (for my athletes and workout gurus) to simply show people what you have done or what you are working with. It must be BIGGER than that for you and if you don’t think so you are really doing life all wrong. (yep, I said it and meant it)

What I have personally learned in my young years of life is that no matter what audience or platform I have, I have to recall my why and my who. I am doing ___________to(why) make an impact and provide a service or resource to people, women, students and entrepreneurs looking to do life right with the utmost integrity no matter how BIG they become. I am doing _______________for (who) GOD as his chosen vessel to do this work for such a time as this. That’s the example …. That’s the kind of standard we are held up against when we say YES to our gifts and talents. The fact is, we must remain so dedicated that even if nobody is watching, buying a product, attending a workshop, listening to our heartfelt words that we always remember to give it our best. Even if you have yet to make any MONEY ( Btw, some folks reading this won’t even lift a finger if there is no pay involved; you have to be willing to do some free stuff from time to time(serve/sow) in order to get the pay (reap) but that’s for a different day. Moral of the story: You can’t let up because you feel unsupported or you think no one is watching …someone is always watching you just don’t see it. Someone is always assessing the situation and saving coins for a day where they can pay you or sponsor you because they saw the work you put in …You just must keep working at your best.

I want to encourage someone today to stop doing it for THEM (whoever that is) and do it for YOU but most importantly do it for GOD! That’s the only audience that matters. I’d rather be found working my gifts for free than to be caught crying doing nothing because folks have yet to recognize or acknowledge me. Do it right this time, stop trying to show off and just show up! Take your time and work what you have in your hands…. The pressure you feel to show up should not be attached to nothing less than your desire to be obedient and work like God’s Best.

I’ll stop there ….

There’s so much I could say but there is not enough time in the day to convey the messages that are placed on my heart to share. It’s time out for artificial sacrifices, success and motivations …. Be original and do what comes naturally… That’s what the people really want!

Who’s your audience?

It’s God for me!

Love you all!!

R. Rene’

Excuse the typos*