• R. Rene' Woodard

Always give it your Best!

Greetings Peeps!!

Praying that you all are staying safe, washing your hands, covering your mouths and stocked up on toilet paper because apparently folks it's getting real in these DMV streets. Today has truly been one of those days where I just cannot get it together and for a person who has it together most days it is the worst feeling in the world. I want to blame it on this rapid invasion, no boundaries having “spring ahead" season I really do but I would be telling a lie if I gave it all the credit. Some of this tiredness, these mentally tired attributes are due to my inability to shut this brain off and go to sleep at night.

(Transparency Moment) I have not slept a full 7 or 8 hours since 2019. Here we are the 10th day of March and I am still singing the same insomnia song. So much so that I found myself taking a sleep aid at 3am. That really does me no good whatsoever because by the time it kicks in it is time for me to get up again and work....picking up where I left off at 3am...but now with broken sleep, confusion and dizziness from forcing myself out of what was supposed to be a good night's rest. I really don't know why I am sharing this but since I am.....Can y'all send a few prayers up for ya girl one good time?

For those that will, may the lord bless ya real good.

Today I want to encourage each of you to simply do your very best with whatever hand you have been dealt. Many times we are in search of the greener grass, what’s next, what left and how it all made us feel or lack-thereof and we miss out on the fruit that the current season is trying to produce. Don't despise small beginnings they say.....and I am a believer that such is true. I think often about all of the time I personally wasted on things in my early adult years because moments weren't perfect, because I did not have all the funding, resources or assistance. I now sit back and watch people win and win big with those same hands or less and that is what prompted today's share. If we were to all make a 5, 10, 30 or 60 day pledge of commitment to ourselves and focus on the current job, the current relationship, the current dream or business endeavor can you imagine how much better you would feel and how much work would get done. If we controlled our thoughts, issues and emotions by simply staying present enough to see that we have all we need. For example, I have a friend who literally despises his current gig. Like every day the work is a chore, his mood is distorted and unpredictable, he does not show up on time like he used to and god-forbid someone ask him to work over or do anything extra... He's just not giving it his best but he's still getting paid as if he is. I started to evaluate myself before I made any recommendations or sought to encourage this friend because I realized that I too have been guilty of not giving some things my best and expecting to reap the full benefits. Have we become so accustom to getting by that we have low interest in doing our best.....or are we simply too consumed with what's next that we allow it to taint our perspective of the current. The current hand use to be good right?? It's better than some other seasons in your life? So why not give it all you got until the season changes??? I believe that many of the things that you are praying for and waiting to see manifested is sitting right on the other side of your Best... But because you won't give it the best that you have you cannot see it. Alexa, run that Auntie Anita Baker back again.....Giving you the best that I got BABYYYY....why because it's time!! You owe it to yourself to go out the same way you came in , at the TOP of your Best!

So ask yourself what area have I not been giving it my best?

What had have I been dealt that I keep throwing back in or allowing to set me and my partners back? What do I need to do to get back in the game with what's in my hand. Whatever your answer is or that 1st thing that comes to mind is ....recalibrate and give it your best no matter what.

I promise you can still win the game, if you play your cards right!

Peace and Blessings~




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