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A Cali Love Story ...

Girl meets boy, boy likes girl , boy ask girl out , girl thinks he's weird at first but says yes and then the boy and girl decide to get married , bridge some families and go off to live happily ever after, The end. That's the kind of Cali Love story I am sure you were looking to hear when you saw the title of this week's blog but SUPRISE that's only half the story and it's not me!!

I have been on this dreamy California cloud since I landed last Thursday, and I don't really want this renewed sense of energy, love and life to leave me. Over the weekend I witnessed one of my closest cousins get married. I was honored to stand by her side during this special occasion. The venue was set, the weather was perfect, the attire was flawless, and the people were amazing. That's all it took for a good time to be had. As I reflect on these moments, I realized that each part of this love story all the way down to the wedding day details were all based on a decision. A decision to choose, A decision to love, A decision to make several commitments. A commitment to the day, the time, the place, the color and even the people....

Do you see the theme??

Decisions and Commitments. This love story could have ended a long time ago, a pandemic hit, an ill parent and so much more but the decision was made so their commitment to see it through also remained. They did not cancel, they just changed how it was done. They embraced the covid restrictions and presented safety measures for a limited amount of guest and allowed other family and friends to witness the moment via zoom. Of course, this was not ideal for their wedding day but for the love the show had to go on. I want to help someone today who is struggling with making decisions and commitments.

It's a simple solution ... STICK TO THE PLAN!

You have consulted with GOD and everyone in between, you were given the greenlight and boom a pandemic hit and you HALT. You stopped believing what had already been confirmed was possible. Life began to shift, and you decided to STAY the same because there was no way that what you had already Decided and Committed to could ever be possible during a time like this.

If that's you I want you to go back to the plan and make the decision again!! But this time be committed to it! Be committed to the decision so much that no matter what obstacle is thrown your way you are going to see it through. Many of us run the minute the original plan is forced to be modified even if it's small. We find a reason to take everything back to the drawing board and end up back where we started in the first place and we don't have to do this! You must check your commitment and kill the spirit of indecisiveness. Everything you desire is tied to you deciding.... On your job, in your home, relationships and with your business. Decide!

How bad do you want it?! How much do you believe it is for you? None of us are meteorologists but we sure like changing the seasons when it's convenient. "Oh, you know the pandemic happen it just wasn't my time," or " I'll just try next year" blah blah blah ... Like who told you that this was not your time. As long as you and your family are breathing, healthy with a sound mind, body and soul it's your SEASON. Go forward with your plans that have already been blessed by the only covering that matters.

If the plan was to propose, move, to another state, get married, change gigs, have a baby, start a business and the opportunity still presents itself stick to it! Don't let these last few months of 2020 cheat you out of what's yours!

I dare you to make the commitment TODAY .... I dare you say you know what, it may not look like I thought it would but I'm still going to do it. I dare you! I believe lives will be changed this week all because WE (me included) finally made a decision. :)

Go Be Great!

Ps. I LOVE California :)

Stay Tuned...

R. Rene'

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