• R. Rene' Woodard


Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Greetings Friends!!

OK,it has literally taken 16 days for me to gather myself and get a 2020 blog share out!! So much has happened and is happening, I can barely contain myself. So let me start by saying it once more HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!! I am excited about what this New Year has to offer, I promise there’s something in the atmosphere that leads me to believe that this one out of all the others will be the best one to date. At first I thought it was because hey it’s an even year ( those are my favorites), then I said nah, it’s because I was born in the year of 1980 and I am approaching my personal new decade and that’s exciting , right? Then it hit me, I am hype about it because I made it and I can say I lived to see 2020. Growing up, I thought the world would be over before I saw anything like 2020 at least that’s what the books said in middle school. But while many others did not make it we did and that my friends is the reason it’s going to be the best!

As I was preparing to share today, I had all of these amazing life things to put on the table and challenge you to do and then I was prompted to shift gears and simply encourage each of you to LIVE!!!! And I MEAN LIVE!!!! Life has its way of moving faster than expected from time to time and if you are NOT careful you can forget to enjoy the journey. I woke up to some shocking news yesterday regarding a friend in her mid-late 30s whose journey on earth had ended overnight. I had no words, we just shared laughs on IG, took our annual homecoming picture in October during a Nashville visit, how was this possible, you know all the first things to cross your mind when one of your peers transitions with no notice and I recalled my prayer moments before receiving the call…. I had just THANKED GOD for waking me up and granting me another opportunity to see another day…. Minutes before the phone rang….I had prayed for my family, friends and their covering …… do you do that?? Or do you take the waking up the next day for granted? How many times do you say I’ll do it tomorrow? I’m tired? Not today? Next week? Soon? Have you ever thought what would happen if tomorrow, next week, soon did not take place? I’ve said it in many blogs before but today I am urging you to get serious about what you want this life to look like for you with the time you have left! As the old church folks say, none of us know the day or time which will be our last but we can sure take control over the days that we are blessed to get!

I want each of you to be encouraged today to LIVE and LIVE out loud! Do the things you have always wanted to do, sing the song, write the book, share the story, marry the man or woman, start the business, visit the home, buy the car, vacation with your family, tell people you love them without fear of rejection, forgive and accept forgiveness, take the jump, learn a new skill, ask the question, be a bridge and GO after your dreams!!! At midnight, the clock will change over to a new day and 1/16/2020 will be no more…..Will you be pleased with how you spent your day? If the answer is NO, fix it because you won’t get the same day twice. .

2020 came in ready, ARE YOU ready for it? If not, get prepared and DON’T ever apologize for living an intentionally full life on purpose!!

I love you and I mean it!

R. Rene’

Ps. I’ll be back in a few days with the usual pick me up but this year I am coming for your neck!! No friend or family left behind. For every day that GOD places breathe in my body I will push you and encourage you to do what you are assigned to do on this side of heaven. 2020 leaves no room for mediocre or settling! So if you are easily offended by the truth and accountability you may want to unsubscribe!

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