• R. Rene'-

Tell The WHOLE Story!!!

Greetings Good people!!

Oh how I pray that each of you are feeling good and keeping the winter blues off your back!! Today I woke up, unbothered to the furthest 10th so much that I worked from home, from bed to be exact until after 10am. If you know anything about how I live my life that "10am" and “working from bed" is very much unheard of! But let's just say I needed it. The past few days have been nonstop both physically, mentally and spiritually! I realized that due to a 3 day training over the weekend, I had 0 day off to renew and refuel. Anybody else feel unaligned when you don't get a moment to refuel? If you answered Yes, I feel you ...If you answered No, share ya secrets sis/bro? We need help?

But enough of my rant....I'm writing today to say Hi and share one of those good light-bulb moments. As I mentioned above, I was at a training this weekend and on several occasions I had to " Introduce' myself and what I do. Many know that even on my most energetic day talking about myself is far from my list of favorite things. In all honesty, I hate it...How can you be humble if all you do is talk about yourself right? and I always forget the good stuff. Yea , that use to be what I thought until I realized times have changed and many of us have silenced ourselves out of rooms, tables, credibility and money because people don't have a clue who you are , what you do and what you are capable of. On the flip-side, people don't know the full experience or journey that made you who we all see today. If we are willing to be honest "WE" did not wake up like this!? Right or Wrong? Have you always been the person that you are? Have you always had the perfect credit score, been as happy as can be for everyone around you even if the win did not include you? Have u ever had a moment or period and time in your life where stuff just did not work out or make sense and it frustrated you?

That's the stuff people need to hear and see, that's the story you need to tell! I get it, talking about the past or a time you took an L can trigger some hidden emotions but that is what makes YOU who you are. Everybody and I mean everybody has been through something, going through something or will experience something that is NOT all sunshine and roses but that does not take away from the story it’s what makes the story! I hate to read books and blogs where they only give me the meat and eggs with the sunny side up when I know that before it got good was once scrambled and in disarray. I am the most optimistic person you may encounter but even I know that on the way to GOOD comes a test or two. What I want to encourage you to do today is TELL THE WHOLE STORY!! Share the good, the bad the ugly, the wins and the losses so that the people watching you can understand why it is that YOU LIVE so full now. For corporate executives and friends on the rise talk about the time you made $9.00 per hour with a college degree to get your foot in the door! To the homeowner, talk about the many years of renting or how much you made when you purchased your home so others know it's possible. To the entrepreneur talk about the 2 sale days that took place over 5 years and the hustle and grind behind the 100k sales. To the moms, wives, women who are happily married with children talk about the struggles of fertility, the adjustment from Single to Married! Moral of the story break the cycle of not telling the whole story, keeping bad days a secret and get into the habit of telling it all so that others will know that whatever they are reaching for is not too far to accomplish! There are people out here who can resonate with the entire journey! At the end of the day.....It's about who you are as a whole, not just good parts!!

I’ll stop there.

With Love,

R. Rene’

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