• R. Rene'

Can we Pray?

Greetings Good People!!

Fall is here, the leaves are falling and things are definitely changing.....well at least that's the view I have over Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. I have literally trying to write a quick share to you all for the past 2 weeks!! Life just continues to happen at a much faster pace than I can personally keep up with. Some things I understand while other things I don't ...but rather than lean unto my own understanding I tend to petition GOD for that peace that surpasses the need for me to understand and the strength to encourage others to do the same and move forward!

The past few days have been challenging ..., mentally ...I won't call it bad and I won't call it good, I'll call it indifferent. I am realizing that the older I get the more in tune I am with my surroundings , energies and emotions for both myself , my friends, my family and many people that I encounter. Its part of the reason I really can't watch the local news ....I end up fully vested into what has happened to others ....and how they may feel and what they need. ...I find myself praying, plotting on a fix or some sign of relief which if done too much can create more self -burden than help to others. On last Thursday, I received a call from my dad that his 1st wife, my 3 older sibling’s mother had transitioned to be with the lord at 66 years of age....later the same evening my close friends father was rushed to the hospital. In DC area... I immediately extended myself to each of them in whatever way the lord would have both in person and from afar... It forced me to go before GOD in prayer on each of their behalf petitioning that same PEACE mentioned above. On yesterday, I was praying that same peace for another friend whose father transitioned this week.... and then the call regarding the TSU student who died from a gunshot wound that just happened to be the son of my college friend. Lots is happening! When I first started praying that prayer of peace it was for me.... for whatever that anxious and unexplained moment I was experiencing of my own and not one time did I think that same Prayer would be needed for my friends and family in the days to follow.

GOD will offer you foresight to what you need before you need it. For what will come in handy for the people around you, for the call, for the text message, for the hearts and minds of things coming that you cannot even see yet, but you have to TAP IN. This season is going to prove to be a distraction free zone because PEOPLE NEED YOU..... YOU need YOU ... and WE will not be able to fully comply and face the good, bad or indifferent if we are distracted. I am challenging each of you tonight to get in your rightful positions in whatever capacity you need to. If that capacity is WIFE or HUSBAND -- Get in position....If that position is Parent, Sibling, Coach, Teacher, Lawyer, Insert your Profession, Your heart, Leader, Advocate, whatever position it may be I am saying reconnect and go all in because this season is going to require your full attention. There are things that will land in your hands that you must be prepared to address and fulfill and I am believing GOD is about to provide much grace and foresight to all who’s heart are up for the challenge.

Tonight I have a special request ...I need you to Pray in whatever language, power you see fit that will send Peace unto others. Pray for Parents , Pray for our nation, Pray for the BODY of every human being in your family , Pray over health ailments those we can't control and those we can , pray for patience, peace, understanding , grace , good cheer and wholeness for all that you may encounter. We can no longer take for granted that our immediate families and friends are OK because they say so or because they "look" like it because some of us don't even know besides what you see on the internet but that's a subject for a different day, pray for the family of Atatiana Jefferson in Dallas, TX, The family of Rickey Scott IIII, The Hughely, Hall and Jones family. You pass someone every day that is fighting a silent battle that they never speak of ....Can we do our part and do life with others in the world through Prayer? Even if you don't have the words to verbally speak, I ask that GOD will hear your heart and it speak the words for you for all of them and for you and your family too!

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