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Hey Girl Hey .... This one is for the ladies!

Hey girl Hey!!

It was only right that I dedicate the last Wednesday in March to my ladies to close out Women's History Month! So, to all my ladies with style and grace I personally salute YOU!!! You are amazing PERIODT!

In my eyes, each and every one of you reading this are a part of Women's History in some way, shape or form. For the experiences, the survival, the daily roles you play at home and at work and school you are truly History. We are living in a world where Women truly do rule the world. Rather knocking down the walls and doors in corporate America or standing on the Hill advocating for the rights of children, human rights and continued freedom. Finally, we are not only present, but we are ready for war at any given time and we are not letting up anytime soon. This is huge ...... because there was a time when our gifts were limited, our role was to remain silent and we were only valued by what we could produce in the kitchen and in the bedroom during slavery. Think about your great -grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers.... some did not ever think they would see the day a woman would get close to the white -house nor run a business not to mention have a black man and sister rule the world two -times around yeah that was new , less you forget. I say this to remind you, that you my sister, my friend are a big deal!

There is nothing too BIG for you and There is nothing that WE cannot do. I say WE, because as women we must learn to love on one another just a little bit more. Don't allow your personal insecurities to make you selfish, shady or ungrateful (Yeah, I said it). You never have to dim another woman's light for your own to shine. Stop comparing yourself and realize that Your Shine alone has the power to be contagious if you use it appropriately. If you follow my blogs or my lifestyle you have read time and time again that there is room for us all to win.... have you not seen the strides we have made over the past decade? How many sisters have joined forces to open law firms, start businesses, clothing lines, and podcasts and more.....we are better together sis!

You may not desire a business or brand partner ......but I challenge you to search your tribe or network before the end of this month for a prayer or vision partner. You have 5 days to do it. I know in my heart that this is the missing piece to the History Making Moves that keep you up at night! Keep pushing it to the limit ladies, I love you all and I salute you this month, today and always!

It's all in love,


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