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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations!!!!

Happy Monday Peeps!!

I pray that each of you are having a great start to the work week. For some, I can only assume le struggle was upon you post St. Patty's Day activities and to the readers saying “St. Patty's Day??” Yes, there are some black folks including me who celebrate the day along with everyone else wearing my favorite...the color Green! For me this became like an annual tradition in college when I transferred from an HBCU to a PWI....It was almost like not acknowledging MLK day if you decided to sit it out in the world of PWI. Anyway, yesterday was fun and today I woke up a tad bit more excited than normal for a Monday. While I am always grateful for everyday that I am able to wake-up in my right mind ......I'm not always looking forward to Monday, but today was just different.

As I prepared for work, I prayed and I traced the needed steps to get in motion in my mind as I showered. I did not turn on music today, I listened to the sounds of silence and my own thoughts and that of my maker/creator/GOD in order to set the tone and intention of the day. Everything did not go as smooth as one may think ...I tore my tights, go figure, but that did not stop me because my intentions were clear. Get moving, Get there early, Knock out your task and deposit some good into Self today aka HIT the gym. So this was my mind-set and it coupled with some morning laughs sent me in the office with the energy needed to produce. Before I began typing this message I asked myself, why is today different? In that moment I was reminded it was different because I made a CHOICE to make it different than the rest. I made up in my mind when my feet hit the floor that TODAY would be a great day and it shall. If you notice I did not say a Perfect Day, I said a GOOD day! A good day is subject to what you make it and what you choose to embrace. Many times are intentions are good in the morning but we tend to allow one or two small little things defeat the 8 - 10 hour workday ahead and we can't afford to do that anymore. I want to encourage each of you this week to let go of the small stuff and just be GOOD.

Even when I was sick, I would always reply “I’m Good" not because I was being untruthful but because that is what my intentions were daily be GOOD no matter what. So make today GOOD no matter what. Take the joy from the sunshine of the weekend and the power of life, family and friendship to set the trajectory of your week this Monday! Some of this vibe I cannot explain but whatever it is my goal is to make it contagious. Find some GOOD in your day in your step on purpose today!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

R. Rene'

Ever notice the GO in GOOD....#itsthelittlethings

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