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Greetings Peeps!!

It's Monday and I have to admit it was a rough start but it was a START and that is better than nothing at all. Speaking of starts usual I started writing this on Feb 7th and it was entitled " Who do you love, are you for sure? " If you are into music as much as I then the title sounds very familiar. The day got away from me and I stopped writing but the song stayed with me all weekend long , Who do you love , are you for sure then I decided to do a mash up of several songs about love and here's what I came up with..

Who do you love, are you for sure........... Love ....a word that comes and goes though few people really know what it means to really love some-body ....ooooh Love .......I've been down so long it look like up to me They look up to me I got fake people showin' fake love to me Straight up to my face, straight up to my face...He loves me ....even when I fall beneath his willllll....he loves me .....Love ...So many people use your name in vain....Love.....Those who faith in you sometimes go astray....Love,....Through all the ups and downs the joy and hurt.....Love....For better or worse I still will choose you first.....Love.....

As we approach Valentine's Day..... Love day....the 1 day per year on the calendar where people are prompted to outpour their love for significant others, children, parents and other special people in their lives I can't help but feel the need to speak to my yearlong lovers. My daily love hittas that understand that LOVE covers all 365 days of the year that you are blessed to be alive. I love the flowers and the dinner and why I believe that all of those kind gestures are nice, I believe in a forever love over a "for -the-moment love". So to my ladies and fellas looking forward to celebrating those you love this week I ask that you keep your mind on the LOVE that each of you share on a daily basis and not what you will or won't share on Feb 14th. Don’t you dare compare your spouse/companion, no unrealistic expectations and no discrediting what they do all year long to show #loveinaction. For my single readers, my prayer is that you look beyond what you see on social media, beyond the flowers being delivered to others in your office and look in the mirror and remind yourself of the LOVE you have for you! You have no clue what is attached to the flowers, gifts you see with your eyes. It is so much better to actually be in something good rather than just look good.

I posted on one of my social site a few weeks ago regarding #relationshipgoals #goals because I see it so much under pictures or couples. I am always reminded that you really don't know their story, some pics are simply perfect for the gram or moment but before or after the shot there were tears. I know this because I was once this. I recall a major break up in my life and someone from my church was in shock and disbelief of the break -up. He said you two were like the model couple, up next to get married, I did not see that coming. Why? Because we looked good. We hosted a dinner party days before we had a recent photo shoot and boom now we were breaking up. It was amazing on the outside .A woman who did not love herself enough to let go of someone who was too broken to love her back but it felt right. Who knew #goals for someone else but #terrible for the people in it I am challenging you to ask yourself WHO do you love? Are you for sure? Do you love yourself? Am I in it for the flowers and candy? Don’t let the internet rush you!! Love on yourself 365 days a week and if it just looks like UP but does not feel like up call it what it is and remember that GOD loves you no matter what!! You are LOVED 365 and he continues to give you all the gifts in the world and not just Feb14th!!!

Do you know what LOVE really is???

Have a great week Luvs!!!

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