• R. Rene'

Midweek Share ~

Greetings Peeps!!

I pray that each of you are staying warm as WINTER is officially HERE and I am NOT talking Game of Thrones.

This weather is in some areas becoming to my MIDWEST peeps and all of you reading in the North just know I am sending warm vibes your way as I type and I mean it!

It took my personal internal motor a minute to get started this morning ....well this week considering it's Wednesday already. When it finally got up and running and all pieces of me were on the same page, I started to pray......I thanked GOD for guidance and grace...... I thanked him for his power to heal, I thanked him for his positive vibes and ways that allow myself and others to overcome some of the negative things we encounter on a daily basis at work, on the road and with others. I thanked him for Help and most importantly for HOPE through it all.......when I got to Hope something happened.... and I went back down the list and started adding more " H" words like Hope, Healing, Health, Help, Hate, Hallelujah, Husband, Home, Happiness, Heart, Heavy , Hurt, House, Humility, Harm, Hanging etc. and the list went on and at times it did not make any sense to me but I kept praying and as some words began to repeat themselves I realized that GOD was constantly reminding me that in each of those H words HE was present and then it began to sound a little something like Lord in you we find HOPE , your hope is what keeps us Humble , ,my house is being made a home daily in YOU, though our hearts may seem heavy because of hurt, harm and hatred that we have experienced over the past few weeks and across the world we still have a personal song of Hallelujah anyhow!!! That you are pushing Husbands and Head of households to cover differently during seasons of uncertainty and that we will remain people of joy and happiness at all times even when we have no clue what's next. .... If you know me then you know it did not quite end there but that's the piece I have been charged to share today..... That whatever Hell, Help, Happiness, Harm, Heaviness, Heart troubles, Health issues, need or desire that you may currently have at the moment God's GOT YOU! And if everything seems to be going pretty well just know he is orchestrating that Happiness too so don't get too comfortable as to not know that there is a higher-power keeping your mental health strong both when you are UP and when you are down.

Continue to be great and stay Hopeful on this life journey..... 2018 was one thing but 2019 is trying to cheat some folks out the deal but I am standing on the promises of GOD for YOU and FOR me ....just remember at least 1 person prayed for you today!

Not your average entry but definitely one worth sharing!

More to come!

Love ya!

R. Rene'




Ps. If you find time to send one up of your own do so on my behalf for the following families!!!

The Buchanan Family, Brown/Wylie Family and The Henry/Reedy Family this week!!! So many loss over the past few days in my circles across the US.

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