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Live your Best life, Please!

Lil Duval said it best " I ain't going back and forth with these folks period...

As I was sitting here thinking about all the crazy things I could share since I last wrote ....the song " I'm Living my best Life" dropped in my head and that's when it hit me that the key to Living your best life really that simple... Stop going back and forth with people and create some serious boundaries on your journey!

If I am honest, which you know I will be... the past two weeks have been stressful as heck! It's like some of the undesired remnants of 2018 tried to creep its way into my new season. I mean I'm back to work, travel schedule is underway and I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I had a baby..... 9 months of preparing and building.....and boom I got a house... if you read the last blog you understand the correlation ...the baby=my new home. Don't everyone start calling me at once. It's a metaphor, lol. So while the ride of the wave has been grand, it has not come without any rough winds. I'm back on-call, I have to work with people that aren't about this life and things are just happening at a very fast pace with no breaks in between. I'm sure many of you can relate.

See, I, Rochonda Rene' aka Olivia Pope of Healthcare walked into one of my most challenging clients to date after almost 14 years in the business. Is this what happens when my mommy readers go back to work after maternity leave? Fill me in? Last week I wanted to quit the firm, fuss, and cuss and throw the entire client away, no lie. Then it hit me ....... you keep going back and forth with a client who has no clear understanding of the work you are attempting to execute , a client who is not operationally ready will never " get it" so why are you wasting your words. I had to check myself and ask " Have you set any boundaries”," Should you even respond to that”, and lastly “Do you know who you are"? See many times we face clients, family, friends, associates our network after big life changes like marriage, birth, purchases, deaths and more without ever taking the time to address that your likes, dislikes, finances, priorities and things have changed. Think about it ....when you left for maternity leave (Christmas break and vacation count too) you were one of those people you know come in early, stay late. Well post break something hit you that things in your life were different and you had to be less accommodating to some of the things around you and more accommodating to YOU and your family. So things that use to matter don't matter anymore, plans you use to make have now changed and your focus has simply shifted. I am here to share on the 23rd day of January that it's ok to shift....its ok to change your mind and necessary task to protect your energy and your sanity.

You wanna live your best life.... walk out your office, mute the conference call and declare once and for all " I am about to live my BEST LIFE and I will not GO back and forth with YOU ..... PeriodT! You = Yourself, Family, Co-workers, Friends, Business folks, anybody or anything that is trying it's best to get in the way of where you are headed and the changes you are making in your life. There is a special grace on the lives of people who don't care what others think..... you know the kind of grace that gives you an advance dose of peace when you realize that someone is mad at you for choosing you ....yep, that same peace....or the kind of grace that covers you when they ask can you meet, can I have , will you and the answer is NO.... See that's grace and boundaries all bundled up into one. This kind of grace is what will carry you a long way into 2019 if you stand firm and stop wasting your time beating down dead horses and making moves that are not meaningful. You feel me or nah? I said a lot but I know someone out there will get it this and their life will change drastically... Watch what I tell ya, because I too am one whose life will change. Encouraging YOU , encourages me!

Have an amazingly blessed day, I love each of you with my wholeheart and I mean it!

R. Rene'

Intentional Living Strategist

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