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New Year , Now what?!

Happy New Year Peeps!!!!

8 full days into the year 2019 WE MADE IT!!!

I pray that the highs and lows of 2018 have left each of you in a position to embrace the newness that comes with the year 2019. Just like birthdays I tend to view the coming of a new year as one the biggest opportunities that life has to offer. I mean it's like LORD, higher-power , almighty one you saw fit of me and my crazy enough to keep me AGAIN. That alone makes me scream because we all know that there were times that our actions, reactions, withering faith , hurt and pain could have taken us right out of here but it didn't and we survived and that my friends is sooo dope to me! It gives new meaning to your life path if you think about it. Think about when people say " where do you see yourself in 5 years" and then you wake-up and it's been 5 years since they asked you the question and now you can reply with where you are in comparison to where you were..... It's simply powerful in its own right. ..

Nonetheless, its 2019 peeps....Now what?!

I remember the days of long resolution list and goal setting to a fault.... I mean like filling up every month with unrealistic things that honestly just looked good and because I was supposed to change something because it was indeed a new year! Nope, not anymore I spend less time on resolutions and more time on vision planning and short -term goals for the year in stages. My reason for taking this approach is to leave room for God's handy work! Though we all know that what is to be will be no matter where you are in your plans , it's also nice to leave room for the unexpected by living life whole and unapologetic with much Intention.

2017 and 2018 were the years of Intent for me …..I began to live a life that was so immersed with intent that the anxiety that use to haunt me from the feelings of obligation literally ran in the opposite direction. I focused my intention on building things. Building and bettering my relationship with family, Building myself up…..increasing my self-care activities and celebrating the hard work more without feeling bad or as if I lacked humility because I gave myself a “ YAY”. Building the beginning stages of a Brand that will become a part of my legacy,

Building a new life perspective on all things WHOLE.... Faith, Health, Wealth, Happiness and LOVE and last but not least Building a New Home. All of what was built over the past two years have come with plans and without them all because I left room. Today as we prepare our visions for the year 2019 I want to charge each of you to simply leave room for the unknown.

There is a much greatness to come your way in this New Year of 2019 if you leave space, time and room for it. Being busy, feeling your schedule up is overrated. Making sooo many plans and being overwhelmed at the result is unhealthy…. I promise I can only tell you this because it use to be me! J Leaving room can mean a lot for some and a little for others but wherever that small statement applies in your life I challenge you to do it! Leave room for emergencies, Leave room for a new mate, leave room for a trip or two , leave room for Joy, Peace, Happiness, Leave room for the gym , leave room for the people that make you smile the most!

It’s a New Year , so now what….For me, I like where I’m going… so I’ll just continue to ride the wave understanding that every day, every month and every opportunity will call for a new version of me. My goal is to stay prepared and bring my best to the table at all times and so should you! You don’t need a list but you do need a Vision….Write the Vision, Make it plain and then simply put leave room for God to his thang!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

This year my friends will be the best of to date! Transitions are underway and my 20/20 vision shows me that this year will be full of unexpected celebration! Let’s GO!

R. Rene’

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