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Dreams do come True!

Greetings luvs!!

Did you miss me?? Back from a quick vacation attempting to get my work life balance back in tow but I have to admit it's been harder than anticipated this week. I hit the ground running yesterday literally like back in the gym, running errands, coordinating travel and work planning. In the midst of all the moves I stopped and thought to myself what would life be like if I went this hard for 6 whole months and then just took my life on vacation for good? While it was merely wishful thinking I was excited about the thought and the way my faith is set-up I can be honest and say I know if that's the route I wanted to go it is indeed possible and I believe it.

(It would just take a tad bit longer than 6 months to get there.

Have you ever talked yourself out of your Dream?

I use to think it was so cliché' when folks would say if it does not scare you, you are not Dreaming Big enough....until my DREAMS got BIGGER. I have shared in the past the secret to overcoming the fear attached to the big dreams but this morning I woke up with the reminder on my mind for myself and for others close to me. DO IT SCARED OR NOT! MONEY OR NOT! SUPPORT OR NOT! There are so many things that we have said we want to accomplish and get done. There are books on USB drives, Company names in 7 journals, License fees paid, Applications and Test dates set and yet we still won't move. So I personally want to know..... WHY have you talked yourself out of your dream!? There is absolutely no time like the present moment for you to finish what you started no matter how long ago it was that you started it! Has the dream changed? Has GOD added more to the vision......? Whatever stage you may be in at this very moment I urge you to take this Thursday nudge as a virtual push and accountability to go all in and do it! Stop dumbing down the dream and disrespecting the gifts that have been placed inside of you because of how you feel or what you see on social media thinking there's no room for you. There is! Every successful person's story has started with “I had no clue what I was doing BUT...." While I was away I had time every day to sit with GOD by the ocean to show gratitude and simply listen. For 5 days my prayer was a simple Lord I thank you for everything continue to order my steps....I'm listening ....and I would sit quietly and wait for his response.......

At the close of the 5 days I felt refreshed and renewed but he put some things in perspective and reminded me that nothing will manifest as his will intends if I don't first GET out of my own way and be willing to take the RISK! See with no RISK there is no REWARD! We have to tap into that old Aaliyah Spirit “If at first you don't succeed, DUST yourself off and try AGAIN”. We are so afraid to fail that we never even try in most cases. I have coached many people on business, education and life itself and I cannot tell you how many people fear failure and rejection so much that they will forfeit the thought of WINNING.

I want every person reading this to be encouraged today understanding that the BIG DREAM is still REAL! It's not too BIG, IT may take long, YOU may have to walk it alone but IT can HAPPEN!! You see it happening for people all around you daily..... So WHY NOT YOU too?

I am a risk-taker and a world-changer and what I am believing GOD for is scary as hell but guess what I am doing it anyway! I don't have a whole -team but GOD is sending me people, I don't have all the means but he is giving me access and relationships with folks who have the means ....USE what you HAVE! When I was 27 years old my old pastor in Nashville, TN, Pastor Rodney Beard always use to say that GOD told him there were specific people in the church that were going to be millionaires. One Sunday, he started calling them out by name....because he wanted people to see the vision.... I was one of them.....10+ years later I still believe that and though the responsibility of it scared me I have finally come to a place where I am no longer scared to get what's MINE. Every idea I have ever thought of over the years I have watched people WIN with ...... the difference between myself and them.....they took the leap ...I did not....I promised myself post vacation that I would get out the way once and for all and let the DREAM become my reality!!!

What are you going to do??

Love you all with my whole-heart!!

Have a great day!

R. Rene'

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