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You Deserve It!

Greetings my luvs!!!

Its’ Tuesday but it definitely feels like a MONDAY!!! I pray that you all are starting this short work week with cheerful hearts. September is here, Labor Day has taken place and a new season is approaching! Today I want to send a short reminder to a few people who are experiencing doubt this morning and a few people whose ability to hope and believe have been tainted by some faulty experiences. I want to remind you that “You Deserve It”. I know nobody in a place of doubt or disbelief wants to hear YOU deserve it but it’s true! It’s true for every amazing thing happening in your life and for every trying thing taking place also. See what I have recognized is that when good is happening in our lives it can be overwhelming and we can start to self-sabotage mentally by bracing ourselves awaiting the moment the GOOD things come to an end or close….. On the flip side when things are not working in our favor we tend to take permanent residence in our mess and focus so much on the mess that we forget that it too is leading us to some good. You deserve whatever you season you are in currently because it is teaching you something and making you a better person one min, one hour, one day and one month at a time.

A friend was recently sharing an amazing experience she had over the past 30 days……. With no warning the amazing 30 days led to 2 weeks of unexplainable discomfort and turmoil and she questioned and began the WHY ME cry and how long will I have to go through this life cycle of good and bad good and bad. So I broke down the math for her if my ratio of good and bad is only 10 days out of 30 then I still have more good than bad right? What the math also shows is that the tough time is temporary no matter when the 2 weeks took place in a month it was both preceded by good and closed with something good. So on today at any moment that you get discouraged in your current situation remember that there is GOOD to follow and that YOU truly deserve whatever comes your way!!! Everything you want is on the other side of your doubt and disbelief……and how you respond to the uncomfortable days and experiences! YOU Deserve the GOOD and the BAD that you had to go through to get there will be all worth it in the end! I promise!

I was fighting myself this morning over some decisions I made this year and GOD reminded me that my decision brought about some GOOD and some BAD but no matter what stage of the process I am in, I deserved it! Because we learn from the bad and we get to rejoice in the good too despite the bad waters you may have to cross to get there!

Stay focused and know that what’s next is GOOD and YOU DESERVE IT!!

Love ya!

R. Rene’





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