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Greetings Peeps!!!

Happy Wednesday!! I have zero clue where this sudden downpour of rain is coming from in the middle of the city but I refuse to let it RAIN on my parade!

I pray that each of you are having an amazing day. I want to take a moment and drop some reminders and encouragement in your spirit as we approach the finish line of August and prepare for the newness that will come alongside of September. It's nothing any of you haven't heard before here it is " Remember your WHY"... see told ya nothing too deep but just a reminder...every day is not a good day, every plan does not yield the desired results but if your intentions and motive are pure and obedient it makes no sense to give up at any point on your journey.

I had the opportunity to speak with a friend on yesterday where we shared a brief convo on the differences between what you are called to do ( purpose/assignment) , What you are educated to do ( knowledge/learned), What you have experience to do ( life taught you, work history) and last but not least What you make a decision to do ( Choices) and contrary to what you may hear from others these things have some very well defined differences because everything that you are educated to do and taught by life experiences aren't always what you choose to do nor what you have been called to do overall.... (See how I did that therrre, lol) But all jokes aside it's a hard truth. Many spend years studying a subject to get a good job and do NOTHING of what they went to become educated on. As you approach this last quarter of year 2018 I want you to ask yourself WHY!! WHY are you working the job you are in it for the money? Is it for the accolades?? Do you like it? Are you good at it? Or is it because it's what you had experience with? What your degree is in? Let me go a little further much have you changed since you made the 18 year old decision to pursue nursing...... Law ..........Medicine......... Ok, now let's chat to your 25 year old self (what would she/he tell that person about the experience that helped them see or develop their call or purpose) for the other seasoned adults 30 and up ....what woul you tell the 18 year old in you or the 25 year old in you or the 30 year old in you!

We are in a time period in life where being in the correct position and posture is important!

I don't want a pilot flying my plane who does not want to fly planes........

I don't want a doctor to assess my medical condition who does not want to practice medicine

I don't want a financial planner or advisor assisting me with my budget if they don't have a love for numbers.... I'm sure some of you would like to argue this subject because I get it we don't always like what we do and sometimes we find ourselves simply doing what we gotta do .....But that my friends is a choice so I am believer that the folks in these positions must constantly remember their WHY in order to remain good at what they do. See when one starts to focus on the way out ......or what they don't like they tend to forget WHY they once liked it and started it in the 1st place.

Don't get so frustrated with your choices that you find yourself subconsciously sabotaging where you are because of where the new evolved you desires to be.... You must address your initial WHY and make sure your motives are pure and your job is done and done well!! I learned many years ago to be more intentional with the things I engage in ....I don't volunteer if I can't volunteer, I don't sign up to serve if my heart is not interested in serving there are things that come with ease and other things that need a little more push and fight and many are only willing to get in the trenches for what they like and what they are passionate about. You ever seen someone volunteering yet they look out of place ....... everyone who came to work is in gym shoes, tees ready to work and then there's one know with heels, a full beat ( my ladies will get this) and new outfit on ....Why did you come today? To be seen or to be heard through your serving actions or wait I know to post it on the gram and say " I'm giving back" Motives are visible even when you don't think they are so Ii urge you before you sign-up, before you quit the current job, remember your WHY and make a decision to move from misery to a Master's in all things intentional!!!!

Go be great, check yourself and ask yourself the tough questions....... WHY!?

Love you all with my wholeheart!!








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