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Baggage Claim~

It's Wednesday and guess what...... We have made it half way through the work week! That my friends is a sign of survival for some of us so let's be grateful for this fine day that is edging us closer to the weekend!! This week I challenged my friends both locally and virtually to set 3 goals that they would focus and push to accomplish this week. Of course I could not challenge my friends if I was not too challenging myself. One of my goals this week.....was sharing a blog post with all of you. It did not happen Monday, but it happened today and that peeps is a WIN and wins of any kind excite me. That means wins both YOU and for ME.

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of travel, lots of work, lots of love, lots of friendship, lots of family, lots of health, lots of wellness and more. When deciding which pieces to share today I asked myself what do they need to hear most.....what has helped you this week and out of all of those experiences both good and bad where did you get the most revelation........and then it hit me .... Baggage Claim... Share your Baggage Claim revelation. At first thought I was very hesitant because this same subject just happens to be a title chapter in my new book. Then I realized while they are very similar this blog is different, the people it will reach is different and this quick hit to the spirit could be the one thing that will answer questions for someone concerned about their future, the turmoil in their relationships and the hard truth about self.

If you know anything about how I travel , you know that I am the carry-on bag queen , 5 -6 pair of shoes, several outfit changes, jackets, cosmetics, toiletries , electronics and more 1 bag and a purse that's it. See I do this because I don't like to wait at baggage claim my property when the plane lands. I like to keep my bags close where I can see them and hold them myself and when I land at my destination grab what I traveled with and go on my way. Well week before last I was traveling on Delta (I’m an American Airlines chic) so my status is not as high as others. As a result due to the full flight the gate agent had to check the bags of any passengers in groups 5 or higher. See on American I have status, priority if you will and because I am in the 1st set of passengers to board the plane I never have to check my bags. Checking my bag now meant I had to give my bag to the gate agents, release it and claim it when I got to my destination not knowing who would be exposed to this bag and what's attached to it. It's mine and I don't want anyone to have to deal with my stuff or carry my load but me. Going to baggage claim means not only do I have to wait for my bag to come, but now everyone on the plane will have to see what my bag looks like, if it's broken, if there's a zipper open, if the gate agents tagged it for unapproved or illegal items or did anything to it now everyone will SEE it. It takes away my control of what people can or cannot see about my bag and believe it or not that's exactly what we do with the baggage we carry with us at work , around our friends ,family , spouses and everywhere we go holding it so close thinking we have all the control over it all and who it touches when the reality is the moment you packed that baggage full and rolled it out the house it was just like that of an airborne substance being exposed to everyone around you and you don't even realize it. I want to encourage everyone reading this check your bags this week!

Let go if only for a moment.......release the bags, let them go through the process of being checked. What I failed to mention about checking the full bag is that now my load is lightened. ..on my way to my destination I feel lighter, nothing is holding me down, I can be free of my bags for just a moment to get myself together so that when it's time to claim it I feel better about picking them up again.... I had a little rest , a little time with GOD in the CLOUDS and now when someone asks me where I got the bag from I can share with ease, if it's broken because of being mishandled or some things I thought I needed for the trip have been removed it's now ok because I had a moment of clarity. Baggage Claim isn’t that bad after all huh? One last thing about baggage claim is the fact that you are never ALONE there ....there are many other people waiting for their bags as well with the same anxiety or fears of not getting what they had to release back...or in the shape at which it was checked.... at least you all are in it together right!? No judgement , No worry or concern about the process just glad that you made it where you were headed with or without the bags and things you started with. Free yourself today, Speak your truth, Check your bags in advance before you are forced to check them at the gate!

Ps. Imagine not being able to board because u won't check your bag, which do you want more....the bags or the destination?

Be Blessed Luvs,






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