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Whole38- Day 19

Day 19

Word of the day - Breathe

Mind- No matter what I face today , It can't and it won't break me!

Body- I have not had a chance to work out just yet today but will do a nice evening walk or bike ride with a friend in the next few hours. I can say that today was a good day with staying hydrated. So that's a win too! :)

My mind has been racing with thoughts, planning , packing, cleaning , sorting just nonstop and for a minute I felt like a complete crazy person. I am getting a lot done but I feel like I am competing with the clock at every second. I hopped out of bed, prayed no meditation , turned my music on and dived into working on my house , organizing doing all the things that usually have to wait until the weekend. See for the first time in months I am home on a Tuesday and for me that means take advantage of the time. That's what I have conditioned myself to think because of my normal work routine. I have robbed myself of good moments because I am always on the road so when I am given time I use every minute of it. After time escaped me so today I realized I had not sent my daily email tout and I almost got discouraged. I set a reminder daily and because I have been in this mind race the past two days I have had to post later in the day and no gym this morning. It was in that moment that I said Breathe Rochonda ---- You have all week to conquer that to do list, Breathe Rochonda --- Some folks don't even get to read the post until the evening ---- Breathe Rochonda it will all come together as it should and amidst my Breathe moment and the beginning of this post I received a startling phone call regarding my godson in NC getting hurt..... Pretty coincidental that the moment happened after GOD reminded me to BREATHE!! I want to send a reminder to you and your situation today no matter what it is ...... you will make it! Both our mind and our body will sometimes attempt to play tricks on us but it can't win .. Give yourself a moment to be imperfect and embrace it, a moment to not have it all together and a moment to simply BREATHE and start all over if necessary! There will be days like this .....but it won't always be this way! Keep focused and even if you fall down pick yourself up and try again. In fitness , in business and in LIFE! Your normal routine will some days have to be disrupted to remind you that you are human and that sometimes creating a new normal is required in order for you to be successful!

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