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Whole38- Day 18

Day 18

Word of the day - Influence

Mind- My circle of influence dictates my path- Jon Bilecki --- Check your circle!?

Body- 1 mile walk/jog/run --Did you walk during lunch today? How close are you to your 38 miles? Accountability is key so if you are struggling with keeping the momentum please reach out! Let me pair you with someone in your area for a strong fitness finish the next 20 days or so!

What if I told you that the way you live and the work you do or lack-thereof has influence on people both far and near. Today, I had the opportunity to speak with the mother of my mentee. So during our pretty casual conversation I asked her What type of influence she believed she has on others? At first listen , she said I really don't know ....but as she thought a little longer she said " I would have to say I give HOPE to others". I then began to think of my own influence and how it impacts others and I would like to believe that my influence drives others to be more ambitious, to love people through their imperfections and to just do life in a very intentional unapologetic manner no matter where you are. I know that's probably a mouth full for y'all but you get me. I challenge you today to think about the influence you have on others? Are you using it for good in the marketplace? I challenge each of you to find your voice, share your story and use your influence for the greater good it's impact can change generations to come!

Love ya!

R. Rene '





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