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Whole38- Day 15-Day 17 ( Weekend)

Day 15-17 - The Weekend Edition


I am growing at my own pace, even the small wins count!

I will Finish Strong

Daily Affirmation ( Add these to a 10 min meditation)


Finish the week strong with your 1 mile jog/walk or run. ( Saturday + Sunday) DMV - we have a group workout 60 minutes on Sunday, May 6th.

Water Goal-This weekend let's know down some gallon of water/day goals! --Staying hydrated is good for your hair, skin, nails and your body overall. Your organs will thank you later. Promise :)

Cheers to the freakin' weekend luvs!! This week was probably one of my best week's on the road for work. I guess it could have much to do with my crazy 12 month travel run coming to end on yesterday! It was truly a full circle moment for me in Philadelphia. At the early age of 24 I took on my first consulting gig in this same city surrounded by some of the same healthcare professionals I did back then. This moment was defining as I approach my 8th Birthday ( inserts sarcasm) in a few short days because it challenged me to look at just how far I have come in this business. It also challenged me to think about my own personal growth and how different life is today compared to when I first began. Do you ever sit back and think about your journey in this way?? If not , You really should!

The reason I want you to do this is because WE don't celebrate our small life wins enough. Many have somehow convinced themselves that just because they have not accomplished a specific goal or reached his/her full potential that they have not done anything. That my friends is far from true. There is something so unique about your journey that fascinates those around you and many times you just can't see it. When you count the wins in-between the start and finish you tend to find a different appreciation for any the highs and the lows you encounter along the way. Think of yourself as a runner who has set out to do a big marathon. You have spent months preparing for your race, tracking your training success to ensure you have the right pace and energy. You " Show up" race day ( a win all by itself) and you are ready. You begin running and along the way you see the mile markers , 1 mile down , 9 miles to go, 2 miles down , 8 miles to go and so forth. You see onlookers , family and friends screaming , celebrating and encouraging you to keep going after each milestone , Every minute and move is celebrated. There are even water stations to ensure you remain hydrated along the way. This is the team effort it takes to ensure you get across the finish line and when you finally cross the line you throw your hands up in victory no matter the time achieved or the fatigue you feel because the small wins were counted and you accomplished more than enough for that moment! Think of your journey , celebrate your small wins and surround yourself with those who will celebrate the small and the big things who ensure you are hydrated in a way that you will keep pushing and growing until you have fully bloomed!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Love yall!




R. Rene Woodard

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