• R. Rene'

Whole38- Day 9 & 10

Days 9 & 10

Mind - Rest your mind and enjoy family and friends

Body- Take a walk in the park , special event , get your mile in creatively!

My travel schedule tends to wear me down at times....I find myself tired at the oddest times. This weekend being my 1st full weekend back in the Washington , DC area close to my own bed and in the space that I so graciously pay for every month I decided to enjoy it and give myself a break. I challenge you to do the same as well. Sometimes we really just need to rest our thoughts, rest our minds and our bodies in an effort to refuel! You should do the same!

Back to our regular scheduled program on Monday!!! Don't forget to look at the May calendar for some upcoming activities and word of the day for MAY!!

Love ya,


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