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Whole38- Day 7

Word of Day - Burden

Mind- " I can't be everything to Everybody" - Therapy is GOOD , believe me. Have you ever tried it? Feel overwhelmed or at a breaking point? Find a good Therapist or Counselor to chat with. Need suggestions on how to go about getting one , contact me I will help you!

Body - Meditation +1 mile walk/run/jog- It's a beautiful day across the NE , take a moment to take in some fresh air. Inhale/ Exhale/ Inhale / Exhale and release all the worry, stress and burdens that you may be attempting to carry today!

Set some mental boundaries around how much of others burdens you attempt to carry. Many times we take on the problems and concerns of those we love subconsciously. How many times have you been speaking with a friend about a problem and find yourself in FIGHT mode immediately thinking of ways you can help despite your own personal capacity or abilities. It's like a switch turns on an wantd you forget all about yourself and the needs of you and your family. To the point it affected the remainder of your day? All of these things happen naturally to us selfless few and we personally can't help ourselves. I say WE , because I too am guilty and have been for a long time. I recall days of not having much money or food to eat of my own and using what I had to HELP another in my college days. I can place my finger on many other situations in my recent years where I have ran myself ragged from carrying loads that I was not even responsible for and when it got too heavy having nobody to help me with it. This my friends is a vicious cycle and though we mean well we have to learn some capacity management over the burdens we agree to carry. You do know that a lot of times the pain we feel from these circumstances are truly self-inflicted because we could not find a " NO" in our spirit or place a limit on what we could do. I challenge you today to check your load and begin to sort out what you are truly responsible for! Some will be easier said than done but here's a reminder that ALL trouble is not YOUR trouble. That goes for the trouble of your adult children, co-workers, friends, siblings and so forth. Use wisdom in your dealings from this day forward and be honest about how much you can truly handle! Drop a load off!

Question: Where do the burden carriers retreat?

My Answer: God +Therapy

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