• R. Rene'

Whole38- Day 2

Mind - Intro to Meditation - Take 10 minutes this morning of quiet time before you jump start your Saturday.

Word of Day - Inner Peace

Body - 1/2 - 1 mile run/jog/walk. It's the weekend so if you decide not to complete your walk you may choose another activity and/or exercise and return to 38 for 38 on Monday. Whatever it takes to get it done by 5/27/18 .....Remember we Committed to something! You may have some 2-3 mile make up days! xoxo

We are all busy people and most often we start our days on our phone, planning for later, scrolling social media and we tend to forget to start with some peace of mind, The of the day is set by how you start the day. So today I challenge you to give yourself 10 minutes of time to focus on your inner peace. Sit quietly for 10 minutes upright, listen to what the day has to offer you before you jump to control it. Give your mind some clarity , when you start to think too hard about what you are doing etc just quietly remind yourself this is for me and my personal peace. When you are finished go conquer your day with a clear mind and some intentional moves! ENJOY your weekend!!!

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Love y'all-


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