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Greetings Peeps!!!

I pray that this note finds each of you in good cheer on this amazing Thursday afternoon!!! As each of you know in approximately 38 days I will embark on what we will call my 8th Birthday!! Like every other year you all know that this comes with a charge to my friends and family! That charge is usually pretty simple ( running 30 miles per month, donating 35 dollars to my charity of choice) You know easy stuff well this year it was laid on my heart to go a little deeper. As I reflected on my circle, my network , my family and close acquaintances I realized that we are very wealthy in our finances , careers, business and knowledge but we are NOT the healthiest at heart and mind. Some of us still hold grudges and lack the grace to show love to those whom have once wronged us. Many of us pride ourselves on what we know , who we know and what we have done and have lost the focus needed to produce and intentionally pursue true purpose. I want the next 38 days to be the beginning of a movement for all those reading this note . A movement that will promote WHOLENESS to a generation of leaders that already have the keys to take charge but have allowed self -doubt, fear, bitterness, financial burden and more to hold them hostage for far too long. WHOLE38 will focus on becoming Mentally, Physically and Spiritually WHOLE!

Just like Whole 30 were purging and ridding our bodies of personal toxins that we have allowed to become our normal! What does that mean! It means your walking , running or jogging 38 miles over the next 38 days y'all knew 38for38 was coming #notnew, it also means you're having some hard convos wit ppl u ❤ , you're being honest wit yourself , getting a therapist ( i think they're so necessary especially for entrepreneurs, leaders, well EVERYONE at some point in life just because) , practicing forgiveness, de-cluttering your mind, heart and your home from things that are keeping you from living your best life and a whole lot more for the next 38 days!! Big plans call for BIG action and BIG sacrifice!

I don't know who needs this or YOU but what I do know is that timing is of the essence and this my friends is necessary for OUR next levels to continue to manifest the way we saw it in our dreams the first time. Can any of you take a moment and remember what you said you wanted to do at FIRST? or What you were too afraid to do back then? This WHOLE38 movement is about change , love , sacrifice and life done intentionally! I started this Intentional Living journey a very long time ago and I have to say that a lot of what I will challenge and share over the next 38 days has proven itself to be some of the best moves of my life! It's the kind of thing you pull out every few years or so to clean house consider this your chance to either continue or start SPRING cleaning from the inside out!

Are you in??

If so bring your A game and lets get Whole Together!

Day 1

Mind- Word of Day Commit

Body- 1/2 - 1 mile run/jog/walk - Goal 38 miles in 38 days

The first dilemma with joining any challenge or regular goal setting is our inability to fully commit. Today's Challenge is simple. Fully commit to something today. If you have a short term goal for the weekend, next week, next 30 days or 90 days. This is not just fitness , this is any goal , assignment, person or thing! Write down the goal and the action steps to follow and COMMIT to following through with it. Anything I am serious about I write down. (Yes, I write a lot ) I do this because I realized early on how easy it is to forget our WHY or lose sight because we are not paying attention or tracking the journey.

Need help with Day 1 , Commit to the Whole 38 and I'll help you stay accountable! You got this! Whatever " this " is!

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Lots of daily updates can also be found at under the blog/Whole38 tab!

Thanks for your continued support and awesomeness!


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