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A Win is a WIN!

Hello Family!!!

I know it’s been a minute!! I have to apologize to the subscribers that aren't privy to my day to day life nuggets and craziness during my small moments of silence, I promise over the next few weeks I will make it up to you. I started sharing writings through my thought of the day emails to close family and friends in 2007 (11 long years ago) and via my blog and website over 4 years ago. Time sure does fly when you are having fun aka working! As I evolve I realized that my personal life brand and my vision for this platform and other professional endeavors would as well but I failed to take in consideration that the my level of transparency and vulnerability would too have to increase as I begin to face even bigger life moves , wins and losses.

Some days I write to write other days I write to share.....well if I am honest I have written maybe 10 blogs over the past few months that I did not have the desire to share... there were times when I would write something that was meant for me and I had the desire to share and simply could not and it was then that I stepped into a season of silence. I battled within as to why this had become so hard for me. The very thing that has helped me help many of people including myself get through a bad day at work, a trying life season and more and I cannot share it. I was stuck. My intentions were honest and pure per usual.... and I knew there was someone who could possibly benefit but I could not post. It took me a few weeks to get it but when I did everything changed! It was the light bulb moment that shifted the trajectory of my purpose plans and my audience. See what I realized during my moment of silence is that I can write , share , encourage and push others into greatness through these words every week or every month but if I am speaking to the wrong audience the power of my words can become weakened. I had to make sure that my readers, supporters and subscribers had the same pure intentions as I to be better, do better and live at the best of their ability daily or else these words would continue to fall on deaf ears and no one would grow! So I silenced myself. I prayed, I worked and I watched to see if anything I had said in the past had come to pass for the people around me. During said season people began to step out and do some of the dopes things ever from opening up new businesses launching new ministries, growing families, getting promotions and new employment opportunities, excelling in college and more! My people started growing and I personally began to see the fruit from the seeds sown over the past 11+years. While these things weren't sole based on my words or actions it was connected to those things and I can say I was blessed to be able to share something that could help others evolve. See many people will say that was a win for the person who got promoted but for me as an advocate , mentor, life brand agent , friend, daughter, sister , business partner, writer and coach those same wins are a win for me too. See I understand the power of WINNING and being a part of a winning team. If what you do has IMPACT on a situation, person or thing that essentially could be deemed as a win or a loss it is no longer THEY won or I won it is now WE WON and that's the spirit I want to make contagious today!

When you are at work and your TEAM does well they celebrate the collective efforts and we have to do more of that in our families and with our teams too. With social media, the art of comparison, duplicators and imitators people tend to not be able to celebrate the wins encountered by others especially those close to them and it is so unfortunate. The only competition you as a person, entrepreneur, and professional should ever be in competition with is YOURSELF!!! It can only help YOU when you celebrate and congratulate the wins of others. I have plenty of stories I could share related to this topic but I know you do too so I'll spare you! Just remember your WIN may not come in the shape, size, color, or form you expect but when one wins we all win and that's what matters most! Your name may not be in the credits but your contribution had IMPACT and don't you ever forget it! This was a large lesson for me and it honestly kept me from feeling creatively used and abused over the years because I gained an understanding that my dealings , my words and my life had intentional impact and for that reason alone I will always lead in WINS and you will too! Celebrate someone today!

Love ya,

R. Rene'




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