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Greatest comeback ever~

Happy Tuesday!!

I have to admit I was NOT going to share today, but I knew if it did not get out at TOP of the week it probably would not happen. A little mentally under the weather but who can agree that even in those crazy moments GOD remains the same and still reigns and rules over all. Ever been just drained mentally and felt like you could be coming down with something? Yeah that's how I felt when I first woke up today but nothing that a little rest and short time-out can't fix!

I am very sure many of you watched the super bowl on Sunday night! I had the pleasure of being in Houston, TX during all of the excitement the past few days and I must say Houston, TX moved up on the relocation list a few notches due to the fabulous winter weather .......78 degrees on average in February? Yep, I miss that about the south for sure and fell in love immediately! How many of you actually watched the super bowl game?? Did you see the lead the Atlanta Falcons had at halftime? I mean as I watched them keep NE to a 28 -0 run for sooo long I believe I checked out a little too ready to celebrate the falcons rise to the TOP and then the team who was losing makes 1 or 2 powerful moves that get them back in the game and essentially a WIN of the biggest game of season. Watching this game, replays and hearing the commentators and the surprised faces of the fans and naysayers prompted today's share.

Many times we start the game strong ( life, relationships, projects, business) we are on top of all of our priorities and knocking down goals one at a time for lack of better words we are WINNING we are rolling .... Nobody is bothering you, the distractions and delays are at a minimum, you are getting along good with spouses/partners, your business is thriving and then boom you are weeks ahead of schedule (you are in celebration mode) and a similar company or competitor slides on the scene or communication, financials and disagreement enters your home and now the ENEMY (opponent) has got in the game. What do you do? Do you fold due to fear because you have heard they are better than you??? Do you stand firm and strong knowing you have exactly what you need to WIN or does your work fall in VAIN because you lost your winning attitude when your opponent got too close? See I noticed something more than the eye could see during the game. Many of the key players that helped the falcons carry such a lead slowly began to adopt an attitude of defeat and because of it they were defeated. Let me tell you this no matter what happens to you on this journey never lose neither the winner's mentality nor your boxing stance. If there's one thing I know is that if you want to WIN you must be prepared to FIGHT to the very end.

I am not sure who else needed this push today but I want to encourage you to PUSH through even when you are NOT winning. See when we are winning with no distraction or friction we like to smile and celebrate along the way but when your winning starts forcing you to shed some blood, sweat and tears in an effort to keep your spot we tend to bow out because it's no longer easy. Like the Atlanta Falcons you have exactly what you need on your team to succeed but winning will depend on your attitude and how well you execute your plays when the opponent (enemy) attempts to take what's yours! I was reminded in this analogy that when other people and things want your spot they do whatever is necessary to make it hard for you to maintain it and if you don't start fighting back you will lose it all in a blink of an eye! Stand UP, Celebrate in silence until you get the WIN! Never forget what got you in the winner's seat in the first place ....see we tend to forget we belong in the circle when the bigger opponent gets back in the running ,we get timid and loose our strength all because of what we know about the opponent ....I am here to tell you many WINNERS have loss once or twice in their life and many losers have WON so be sure you are sitting on the right side of the WIN each time knowing that YOU belong exactly where you are for such a time as this! Don't quit fighting for your WIN whatever it is! You were given a platform use it , you made it 10 years on purpose , you started because you were qualified now go on and WIN the game ( life)!

And if for some reason you feel like you are losing ---- think about the patriots they were losing BIG but proved there was still room to make the biggest comeback ever! Find the comeback spirit inside of you and go make history!!

Love ya!!


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