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Check your Vision~

Greetings Good People!!!

Can you believe 2017 is already rolling full speed ahead? I was sitting here thinking wow just this time last week I had my feet in the sand , sun in my face and strolling through 80 degree weather. Fast forward to current day where I barely want to step foot outdoors because its quite frigid and my robe and green tea are currently the best parts of my day. Can we all repeat together at once " Hello Winter, we weren't ready for you! From Texas to Tennessee all the way down to New Orleans the weather was around 27 degrees on Saturday and I am scared to even look at today's temperatures. But despite the cold on the outside I am soooo filled with joy and warmth on the inside and plan to remain this way even during the next few winter months!!

On yesterday , one of my super friends decided to share this video with me. This video is so aligned with my way of thinking and the radical faith methodology I have applied to my life for many many years. My best sister friends can definitely attest to my ability and push to get everyone to "VISUALIZE" the life they want and work hard to get to it. I remember a few years ago I wanted to sow a seed into a couple of $500 - I was prompted to write the check and stick it in my bible, 6 months later at Christmas time I was able to hand the couple the check I had written earlier in the year. At the time I wrote it , I did not have $500 to spare but I BELIEVED in my heart that one day I would no matter how long it took. I recall days of riding my mom around neighborhoods I wished to live in... I would go to those neighborhoods and walk through model homes....sometimes I would just ride through and say one day I am going to live over here. I would watch the types of people that lived there , I would look at cost and do the research and eventually I would put similar homes on my vision board. Each year I would change the style and the words but I was/am determined that I will have a house like said homes .....each year I get closer and closer to what I saw so I know its on the way!! I am giving you these examples to encourage you this 2nd Monday of January 2017 to check your vision!!!! We've heard so many times " You have NOT because you ASK NOT" , well how about adding a secondary disclaimer that along with you NOT asking you have NOT because you don't believe or visualize that you CAN even have what you really want!

It's time out for just dreaming .....seeing fairy tales ....I'm posing a serious question today. How bad do you want it? and What are you going to do to get it?! As mentioned above each year I set the year off with a vision board both by hand and electronic ( I love arts and crafts, lol). I am very intentional with not only my thinking but also with how I VISUALIZE my present and my future. See the past has come and gone and has 0 to do with what's to come so even if I had a vision in the past that did not manifest it has no power to interfere with my belief that it can still happen. Because I believe so deeply in this some things on old vision boards reappear in the new year because I STILL BELIEVE it will happen. These days we get too caught up on just seeing what's around us and in front of us but never looking beyond! I am challenging everyone reading this today to begin to THINK BIGGER and SEE more than you ever have before.

I see more than my nice place and luxury vehicle....I see my new home in a warmer climate full of love, peace and plenty of laughs with my HUSBAND. I see my student loans paid off and all other debt, I see me as a business owner, entrepreneur, author and female mogul inspiring and pushing others to be their best self on a international platform. I see me and my family traveling to countries that I can't spell seeing things I never imagined and meeting people I never knew in coming months ....I see BIG things!!! What do you See? For you? Can you visualize and conceptualize your ability to experience and create the life you want?

3- Key Steps to creating the life you desire and deserve

1. See-What do you see? Is your vision clear? Have you even set a clear vision for your year or your life? If not, DO it now! Ask yourself who am I? who do I destine to become and how do I intend to live in years to come! ( Write the vision, make it plain)

2. Believe- Change your stinkin thinking , believe in your heart that whatever GOD said you are and could be above can happen. Many have shared over the past few years that this is easier said than done. I know from experience that life's challenges and disappointment can blur our vision from time to time but I promise you if you can keep a glimmer of hope and remain optimistic throughout the process you will strengthen your belief core and things will begin to happen..(Remember that old saying " You must believe it , to achieve it", it's true !)

3. Create - Create it by taking the necessary steps in your day to day life that will eventually reflect the life you want . Connect with like-minded individuals and others who have already living the life you see for yourself.

Start today luvs, the world awaits your greatness and your life deserves an upgrade!! I'm praying for you and waiting on you!! Don't be afraid to go alone ... I am unsure who this is for or why it seems quite necesary to say but do understand that sometimes everyone does not see the value of your vision like you do...this means that they won't be able to comprehend many of your moves. ....they won't always support your plans nor your personal changes and it's ok as I've told you in previous weeks...Be OK with doing you , the life you create will attract what you need! Never forget that!!

Let's get ready to make 2017 one to remember we owe it to ourselves and 2016 owes this one to us. You are prepared , you are ready and all of the NO's will yield you a solid YES at some point this year!

R. Rene'

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