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Reflect, Renew & RESET-

Happy New Year Framily!!!

I had a few moments today and wanted to begin this first week of January off right with a new blog post and word of encouragement as we walk into this new year!! We can all agree that 2016 was some kind of year for us individually, collectively and as a nation with the presidential elections and more. So having the freedom, mobility of my limbs and a sound mind to

write this blog today for me is a blessing! There were many things that could have, should have and would have taken me outta here mentally and physically in 2016 but I serve a GOD who always has bigger plans than I can ever see or imagine! In an effort to stay on track I'll just leave that right there.

When I first started sharing my Thought of the day (TOTD) emails back in 2008 it was my way of encouraging and sharing a journey with others while I was recovering from surgery. Over the years my writings grew and the people that were blessed by said writings became bigger than I could have ever imagined and I decided to start blogging. For some time I would do so weekly as months progressed it became Tuesdays and a few years later it became Wednesday or Fridays the goal was to remain consistent no matter what day it went out as long as I got it out before the week was up! I remember the days of wondering whose reading this, is it helping people like it helps me many questions would formulate in my mind and I would sometimes overthink myself out of writing or sharing with others due to my fear of the unknown or the many unanswered questions in my mind. When we reflect on our past losses and gains we sometimes overthink the unknown and answer our own questions with doubt & fear. I want to encourage each of you as you take 2017 head on to free yourself from doubt and fear driven reflection.

Reflection is defined by Webster's as:

1) The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. (That little voice in your head which sounds just like you- think Kermit memes, lol)

2) Serious thought or consideration

Reflect on it, consider the former things, and assess best practices and lessons learned from every experience and simply hit reset. This will help you reduce anxiety and give you peace of mind to move forward in every aspect of life. The major key is using your ability to throw it back without absorbing it! Even with our optimistic hearts and motivated minds this 2nd day of January 2017 you won't have all the answers and it’s OK to be OK with that! Those who have mastered the power of positive reflection have done so by living through the experiences so as my grandma use to say “Keep Living". No need in overthinking and mentally dying while mulling over things one cannot change overnight! Things won't always be perfect but it will definitely be worth it!

As I reflected on the days leading up to my new year I realize that I actually jumped ... I decided to do some things different and if I am honest it looked nothing like I anticipated, it was scary , it felt nothing like I would have imagined and in some aspect I thought I missed the mark. I started to reflect on my preparation, what could I have done differently, where did I go wrong, is this a sign of what's to come and immediately I began to 2nd guess and overthink. I was

Prompted to look at the bigger PICTURE, DON'T absorb what's wrong and take in all that is Right! When I shifted my mind I was immediately reminded of my blessings, the company I keep and the LOVE & PEACE I am surrounded with. You ALL too are surrounded by such love and I just hope that you feel and experience more of it this New Year and forward for as long as you shall live! Even as the coach I am not always on point and if I focused on my disappointments and spent time overthinking the why me and what if's I would have missed a lot of my WINS! So as you begin again take this time to learn from your past and use it as your fuel to WIN again!

It makes my heart smile to know that even by definition you can have a moment in the past or a reflection of a good or bad experience but you can THROW IT BACK and not allow it to take resident in your mind for the long haul! Some old thoughts and memories just shouldn't be welcome!

Go forward and be great for we all were blessed with today --- A CLEAN SLATE!

Love you all with my whole-heart & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

"You can do anything you want as long as you do it with LOVE"




R. Rene'

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