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Stay Fly~

Oh Lord, know yourself, know your worth, #### · My actions been louder than my words, ### How you so high, but still so down to Earth ........Drake was exactly right when he dropped these lyrics. Unfortunately, I am NOT the chic that does NOT listen to rap music hate to let ya down lol. There are just some songs I like to hear periodically they get me fired up in the gym when I make it , they give me a 2nd wind when I am feeling depleted and the beats and bass push me to Get where I am going if I am slow poking around when driving. I'm sure many of you can relate as well.

I wanted to take this moment and send a little note of encouragement to someone who needs to be reminded that in all things you must FIRST LOVE YOURSELF (FLY)!!! It's in that LOVE that you give others the opportunity to love you in return. Often we say YOU Have not because YOU ask NOT I am here to remix that today and say YOU have NOT because YOU LOVE NOT! What many don't realize is that every moment you allow a negative thought to interrupt your flow and convince you that you aren't enough for things or you question your capabilities you begin to expose the love level or lack-thereof you personally have for yourself. To be honest who wants to connect or share space with a person who does not love themselves enough to believe they are worth it. I remember being guilty of this thought process in my younger days , yes I was confident and I presented loving to others but I stayed in a constant state of doubt and disbelief that I could be good enough for the opportunities that sat in front of me. I knew I was smart , I was cute ( yesss), I was well-spoken but could I really perform in this position, could I really speak to a crowd of people smarter than me ....did I really belong at this table. I questioned everything and one day I realized that this constant mental block is what keeps the most secure people insecure. SO as a way to debunk the myths throughout our community I have committed myself to dropping belief and love nuggets to anyone who will listen and all those who need to hear it .The lack of love and belief is what's keeping many bound. What's thousands of hashtags, movements and social media love if your heart is in shambles? YOU MUST FIRST LOVE YOURSELF it's the only way to live! Have you ever seen an upset person at a party, they come, they dance, sing, they pretend they are in good spirits and one person ask a question or says something to them that triggers an emotion and they immediate begin to cry? Ha! I can also remember dating a guy and he said to me “I love everything about you even the things you don't love". In that moment I believed I had done pretty well with masking my dislike for some things about myself so at first I said wait that's good, dude got game lol but then I realized that I was once the person at the party pretending and though his statement did not move me to tears it did move me to the reality that someone could see what I did not LOVE about me and that's when I knew a change was necessary! This my friends is what you look like when you keep asking for things to take place and you don't LOVE yourself enough to receive said things. Stop thinking people don't see you, they do. Stop thinking they don't know you are on the cusp of a breakdown, drowning in insecurity and a question away from tears. People want to LOVE you but YOU make it hard for them to do so. You must start thinking POSITIVE THOUGHTS and LOVING yourself even during the bad times because that LOVE is what will push you to propel forward and increase your belief in your very own abilities. Once you see your own light so will others! I encourage each of you this weekend to shift how you talk to you, pray for the power to believe you are worth it! Love all of yourself!!! The flaws, the imperfections all of it! When you do this I promise you will start to see changes in all areas of your life!

I'm not sure who needed to hear this today but do know that the depth of your dopeness depends on your ability to stay FLY even in tough times!! :) First love yourself! (FLY)

Repeat after me, The CHANGE I want to see must FIRST begin in ME!

Fly high luvs,

R. Rene-

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