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Hello " Fall"~

Greetings Peeps!!

The leaves have changed colors, colleges are back in session, the sun has simmered down and my morning jog is a tad bit cooler than prior days. I guess it is safe to say that fall has officially arrived! As I was preparing to blog and share last week I found myself extremely FULL. I was full of emotion, full of thoughts biased and unbiased, full of opinions and concerns for families, for our nation, for black men, for kids, for the institution of marriage and relationships, for the incarcerated and for those battling with addictions…I cried for days because my heart could feel the pain of people who were experiencing loss both unwarranted and self-inflicted far and near. Today, I have to admit I’m still a bit full but I am committed to sharing even if it only reaches 1 person out of the hundreds that read weekly!

Yesterday I had a moment of clarity an “Ah-ha" moment if you will and I realized just how much the seasons can affect us subconsciously. As the seasons change so will you. Your thoughts will become different…Your mood will alter and your focus will shift. It’s the inevitable cycle that comes along with seasons. I recall my days of residing in states where it were sunny all the time. There was a psychological effect associated with sunshine that excited people and motivated folks to get up, get out and move about the city simply because the SUN was shining. By the time fall season rolls around many are tired. There is a sudden feeling of fatigue and slight anxiety that comes with fall. How so? I’m glad you asked , School being in session means your route changes, your day either starts earlier or ends later for both parents and students, Fall means more layers to keep warm or cover you from the unpredictable elements unlike the freedom that came along with a naked summer. Your vacations days are limited to Holidays and the year is coming to a rapid close. You still feel as if you have much of the to-do list left from the top of the year and not nearly enough time to complete it! Let’s face it , Fall can appear overwhelming in a lot of households and I did not even touch other life events that have occurred along the way like new marriages, new relationships, pregnancy, new babies and career changes that can also contribute to this “ FALL” season.

For the past few weeks I have been on this whole focused fall mission campaigning #finishstrong16 as I do at the close of every year but this week it was different. I did not feel as motivated as I did before , I felt some things falling off and out of place, it no longer felt as free as summer, the pressure was on and deadlines are now looming. On top of that I started surrender fast too so things are FALLING off and I’m intentionally eliminating other things this has to be some sort of joke right. I can’t stay focused while I am cold and uncovered. Fall requires layers…. And then it hit me the psychological effect of FALL is to get people to come down from the Ivory Tower of Life and face the reality around you and get back to work. Summer creates monsters and fall gets you back into position. It gives you an opportunity to start over but this time from scratch. Last year I wrote about trees and the significance of the leaves but this year it’s important to tackle the season itself. So here’s my definition of why Autumn= Fall and the reason we experience certain emotions during this time …the word “FALL” itself is the ultimate reason because it is the driver of what’s happening by definition: Here’s a few of my favorites :

  • To drop oneself to a lower or lesser position – What I hear: Humble yourself

  • To cut down- What I hear: eliminate what’s not needed , scale back, reduce your anxiety

  • To come into existence or occur - What I hear: Do what you said you would at top of year, become!

  • To apply oneself - What I hear: FOCUS

Year after year the FALL season is being used to shape you, help you and not hurt you! It doesn’t have to be all bad. It can be embraced if you look at what’s happening during this season in the right perspective. Things will begin to FALL into place when you begin to embrace the FALL! The weather will be unpredictable, there will be some sun, a little rain and much wind but as you embrace it you will begin to cover yourself with the right layers to withstand the season and come out on top! It won’t always be comfortable you won’t always be in the mood but rest assured knowing that every fall does not break you nor harm you. Like the season it is used to prepare you for something. You start to think differently and pay attention to what’s important.

Summer will keep you on vacation but FALL will lead you to your destination! Stay focused; embrace the happenings and Finish Strong Folks!

You GOT this!

Love ya with my whole-heart,

R. Rene-

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