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Let it Go!

Greetings Peeps!!

Watch this powerful clip a friend shared with me today! Many people would NOT be able to do this ....Prayer and Forgiveness!

I hope that this message finds each of you in great cheer this morning!! I am " fired up" today because I started my day off with prayer, a 6am workout with colleagues, a health nut smoothie and I'm already over and hour into some office duties . Now, that's a win because it's still 8am somewhere a luvs the way my sleep schedule is normally set-up this does not happen as often as it should when I am on the road lol. I am also fired up because each day I learn something different about life and about myself. I realized recently I had been hanging on to some stuff that had been hindering my mental and physical mobility for far too long. As mentioned in last week's share the past month I have experienced emotions I forgot I even had. It was a blessing and a curse to allow myself to have the feels yet it was also necessary. I found myself looking at OLD pictures & videos regularly ....looking through family throwbacks of deceased relatives, reminiscing far too long on both good and bad experiences and it all would cause me to cry.

I then began to think of what I personally could have done differently during certain times or even now to prevent certain life challenges from arising ....Literally thinking of sound solutions to fix things that were 20 years old, 10 years old, 5 years as little as 5 months OLD and then it hit me ..I can start with Letting it GO and focus on preparing and strengthening myself in the event opposition occurs in my present. Unforgiveness and Consuming old things is only harmful to you not others! The goal of life is always to be a better version of YOU then yesterday so why do we so often dwell on yesterday? Each day we are blessed to have a clean slate at LIFE yet we fill our day up with so much of the PAST. Now don't get it twisted , it is ok to revisit for points of reference and examples from time to time but the GOAL is not to the stay there too long! Get the lesson and let it GO!

This thing is on me so hard right now because the message is indeed for me. Before I share anything with you all I ask the hard questions why? And who is this for? Today the answer was this one is for YOU but there is another person reading this struggling with harboring some things that need to be thrown out too! Everything I hear or see reminds me to LET IT GO.....and today I had to commit to letting some stuff go. Many people don't know that my relationship with my father was kind of broken for a few years. Not broken in a sense of turmoil or anger but broken in a sense of out of sight, out of mind. Last year he began praying for restoration of said relationship to which I had no clue until He texted me out the blue and said I put your name on my "prayer list" today me not thinking anything of it ...texted back “Thanks Dad”. I had honestly, got use to not talking beyond holidays and birthdays if that. Last fall we began texting and talking on a daily basis, jokes, pictures, daily life stuff and by Thanksgiving I spent majority of my day with him. We have been stronger than ever since that moment but had I personally stayed consumed with the many years of silence or the missed moments I would NOT be able to enjoy the current moment! I am saying all of this to say your best parts of your life can not manifest without your ability to LET some things GO!

Let go of your mistakes

Let go of your negative thoughts

Let go of the broken heart

Let go of your failed expectations

Let go of your disappointment

Let go of your anger

Let go of unforgiveness

Let it GO!

Today, I am personally letting go of my PAST failures, mistakes and unforgiveness I have toward self knowing that because I am ALIVE I have a clean slate! - R. Rene'

What do you need to let go of today? " I am letting go of ____________________"

You fill in the blank, write it, post it on your desk or wall, tweet it, share it, and believe it and simply LET IT GO! Easier said than done , but when its done it is DONE!

Enjoy your day peeps!

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