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Happy Tuesday: Be Encouraged

Greetings Peeps!!

It's July already!! July 12, 2016 to be exact! Can I be honest? It scares me, time is moving very fast and its apparent daily that time truly waits for NO ONE. I turned 36 a few months ago and that was scary too considering my life at 36 looks nothing like I imagined 10 or 20 years ago. In the same breath I am yeah, fear + excitement =a jittery Rene' ... Anybody else feeling the jitters looking at TIME? or Am I the only one revisiting my vision board, bucket lists, assessing my current state and actively thinking of what life changes need to be made to reach some of my goals or creating new ones that could benefit the world around us?

The past 30 -40 days have been challenging for me. Unexpected loss, anxiety, illness, heartbreak, death you name it.....It happened. Already at the breaking point of my personal turmoil, all hell breaks loose across our nation with killings, senseless shootings and intentional divide of the communities we live in with the actions of those hired to protect and serve... and honestly I wanted to seriously throw in the towel. I could not seem to control my emotions any longer, I had no answers nor did I have understanding of what was going on! And for superwoman, a control maniac in a good way not being able to control outcomes in my life, the men and boys I love and the people around me hurt. I had no appetite for food, no pick up and go as I usually do....I was moving on the outside but still feeling STILL or PARALYZED on the inside, nothing was getting done! Extremely overwhelmed but still STRONG in nature I was reminded that I had no other choice but to make a move. My body and mind needed to get back on one accord and my goals and the world around me could care less about my emotions and were more concerned with my ACTIONS or lack thereof! So I got up , I read a book, I prayed, I marched, I shared my hurt with friends and family, I cried and I pushed myself to look beyond the storm because now it was no longer just mine!

When storms hit we tend to go find shelter within the storm that will prevent us from being hurt. I recall when many tornado storms would come through Michigan when I was a kid and my grandmother would cut off every light in the house, she would unplug phone lines, get the basic necessities and send us to the basement. It would be dark and quiet, there would be limited communication as if the storm would move by faster if we did not talk lol and as kids we would simply just fall asleep. At some points Granny would go upstairs and look out a small window to check on the storm from time to time until it passed so that she could tell us when it was free to move around again. It was in this analogy that I remembered my grandmothers voice, after the rain had slowed up , the sun was peaking back out and she would say “ It’s passing us now” you can turn on the light . Many of us fail to address or check-in on our life storms... We tend to stay in shelter (isolated, hidden, depressed) in order to protect ourselves. While this is well and good for a short period of time, it is not OK to stay there when the storm has passed! The rain has stopped, the sun is back out and you are still SLEEP!? Why? One thing about storms we all know is that they DON’T stay long! Some are quick maybe for a night or two ...while others may be a month or two but the cool thing is that at some point IT PASSES us by! In the voice of my good friend Kisha Bird “STAY WOKE” lol. Not until now did I realize the importance of knowing when to turn the lights back on …why we need to stop letting our storms take us and start taking it on like our grandmothers did. They never stayed in the dark place long and were normally the ones who did NOT go to sleep during the storm. They prayed and watched it pass. I don’t know who else needed this reminder today but I want to encourage you to PRAY and WATCH it pass! You don’t have time to DO nothing when you are after SOMETHING! There was no way that I could sit back and watch the storm pass and I rest in the residue as if it still exists and neither can you! Pick up the pieces where you can, revisit your list, re-dig an old well or build a new one whatever must be done just do it! (Pun intended, see my very 1st blog post – Just do it).

Your life matters, your family matters, Your PEACE of mind MATTERS…

Take your power back and WIN!

Have a great day on purpose! xoxo

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