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Something on the Inside ( The Birth Effect)

Greetings Framily (Friends + Family),

I pray that today’s share finds each of you in good cheer!! I seem to go on unforeseen sabbaticals often it’s kind of crazy the timing is always yet almost identical each time….at every 30 days or so. As we shape things up with the website and business overall, I promise you I will be back on our weekly schedule very soon.

I wanted to take a moment and share a recent revelation with you all. On last Friday, I was blessed to celebrate another year of life! My BIRTHDAY ran up like HEY girl HEY so quickly that I was not even prepared to neither celebrate nor digest anything surrounding said day. If you know me personally then you are likely in shock that a month long celebration was NOT planned, no 36 miles in 36 days to get my friends active, a small exotic solo vacation planned and tons of uncertainty about what the week or special day would really look like. As the day approached anxiety set in, I was overwhelmed with calls, text and questions about my plans …people wanted to celebrate with me and that was lovely to know and see but there was something on the inside of me that was growing at an uncontrollable pace that I was not sure folks would truly understand so I did NOT know rather to ISOLATE or PARTICIPATE. It was a feeling I had yet to feel in my adult life…..and for the first time superwoman had no control over what was happening! After some quiet time and here a few days later I realized that these friends can be addressed as the “BIRTH EFFECT”.

When a woman is preparing to have a child, many husbands and close family and friends would say she goes through changes! Not only does her physical appearance change but her mood changes. The people closest to her begin to change as well in order to accommodate her changes. People begin to purchase gifts and throw parties in preparation for the birth of the baby, the parents /parent to-be begin to prepare rooms , buy new homes and get things in order for the big day so that transition can be seamless! I personally believe that during each New Year of life around your BIRTHDAY you too go through the BIRTHING process and it can be very uncomfortable if you are NOT prepared! Some of you won’t get this, but this is for somebody whose mind is wandering WHAT is happening, WHY do I feel this way, there’s something BIRTHING on the inside that wants to get out and I can’t explain it! It has been happening for months, we are past my birthday but the desire or odd feeling won’t go away. I am here to tell you that you are NOT alone!

The birthing process takes 9 months from a medical perspective but you get 12 months to get it right over and over again. The “baby” has been cooking on the inside of you continuously and the doctor (GOD) is in the process of inducing your labor if it does NOT happen when it is scheduled to! In order to remove any fear of a premature birth you will be left to carry the load until…. Things will get heavier, you will look different, morning and night sickness will continue, your emotions will get the best of you but this is the purging process that must take place. Once this thing has manifested and is born in the natural YOU will be ready! A clean slate, empty vessel, ready to do what you were called to do with the GIFT you have been given! Your energy will be contagious, your life will NEVER be the same and everything you need will be in your HANDS! I urge each of you today to seek GOD with your whole-heart during your time of BIRTHING! I don’t care if you are a MAY baby, April Baby, January Baby or December BABY! During your personal new year you were charged with a new goal, a new outlook, and a new life vision that is awaiting its release….BIRTH IT TODAY!

Lighten your load, Treat the pseudo swelling in your legs that is causing your MOVES to be restricted….Take your control back and make this your best birthing season yet! It’s time and your support system is already lined up with gifts in hand and a prepared space or nursery (loan, office, prayer room, design suite, music room) is available for use to nurture the baby to be born! It will be painful, some medicine (additional help/hands, people) will be needed but it will be WORTH it!!

What’s brewing on the inside of you?

Love you all on purpose!!

R. Rene’





Jeremiah 29: 11

Advice: “Everyone won’t like it, DO IT ANYWAY”

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