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Happy Sunday folks!!

I know that many of you are likely glued to Sunday Night Football so I am going to make this short and sweet! In hopes that someone reading will be MOTIVATED, ENCOURAGED and READY to finish the remainder of 2015 strong! I want you to think of these last 7 weeks if the year as the 4th quarter! I recently found myself slightly nervous at the original thought of 2015 ending because I honestly have not seen all of the things that I have hoped for happen. I still have items on the 2015 bucket list to accomplish, a few bills to pay off, a few books to send to print and a few programs to launch!! I cannot be 7 weeks away from my finish line or (Touchdown) because I am just getting started and that makes me feel like it’s too late to accomplish it all. After a moment of tears and some subtle anxiety it hit me, it does not matter that it all may not be complete by Dec 31 but it’s important to do all I can by Dec 31, 2015. The goals set like many of you are not resolutions, wishes or wants they are promises and passions and my limitless purpose has a deadline to manifest! The 4th quarter of 2015 is the most important and like the game you are currently watching every minute, every play and every ball ran or lost COUNTS. Be strategic about your journey, visualize what awaits you at the goal line and be extremely intentional with each person, place or thing you entertain!!!

It is your responsibility as the Quarter Back or Wide receiver of your game to play the play that the COACH has mandated when the ball was first given to you! Only you know how to execute the plan and if done correctly any obstacle that intends to come and steal or block your path will not prevail because your PURPOSE has you COVERED!

Keep these 3 things in mind over the next few weeks and EXECUTE in EXCELLENCE!

1. Remember why you started or set the goal in the first place

2. Ask for help if you need it- You cannot do it all by yourself!

3. Keep your eye on the BALL -Visualize your goals completed and set reminders everywhere u go to keep your focus!

Anything can happen..... The GAME is not over and if things get close there is a thing called OT (Overtime) that will set your drive in more motion to PUSH towards a strong finish!!!

I love you all! Pray for me as I Pray for you! We still have time to do what we said we would! Let no one tell you time is an issue, stop taking no for an answer and LET's go for the win! You have the skills; you have the speed and agility! If you get tired call on your teammates to keep you motivated and hydrated to complete the game! I can only tell you this because I am living this thing and I have much to do! On days where motivation lacks you must have teammates

(Spouse, Partner, friends, family, other entrepreneurs) that help Push you along the way and if you don’t have anyone feel free to call me! * If this is your first time reading this it’s true, I will be there as I want us all to WIN, so support is the least I can do!

Finish Strong!

Love you all, R-


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" I was BOLD enough to START to be closer to my FINISH" - R. Rene'


"Your EPIC beginning will start when you FINISH"- R. Rene'

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