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This is LOVE , this is LOVE!

Greetings Peeps!

This is love , this is love , this is love that I'm feeling ( Bob Marley flow) -I know, I know it’s been a minute seems like every time I sit down to write and share, something happens...and boom its 30 or 60 days later before it all comes together! I want to first THANK each of you for supporting me over the years in every single endeavor I pursue. I have a special place in my heart for each of you and believe me it does not go unnoticed. I feel the need to say that because sometimes I know I personally need to hear it! I have always coined myself as the HITCH in the business so I remain skeptical about sharing my gifts most of the time. Be it fear of judgment, lack of support or understanding of my vision and sometimes just FEAR of failure alone.

I've spent many years helping others and not knowing what to call it....It's really not easy and sometimes I feel totally empty once I birth visions for others... I had to step outside myself at one point to see what GOD saw, to hear his voice for my life so that I was able to remain strong and continue to do as he had tasked me to do. It was in that moment that I realized the power of GOD's love! So today I wanted to share a taste of that love with all of you!

God's love is is not hasty, it does not boast and it is the same every day...Sometimes the love GOD desires to give you and show you comes in the form of people in your life...So I encourage you during tough times to simply remember LOVE! Surround yourself with those whose love for you is certain! Don't spend time in a place of pity or sorrow for the sake of getting through alone....that's really not his will. His will is to surround you with just the right amount of love to Love you through even when it hurts! My big brother use to always tell me " I ova Love you" and I never got it until I was an adult. He wanted me to know that he didn't just love me for the moment but he ova loved me so that I would have just enough love when my personal love bank got low...I call that the love overdraft protection and you have the same coverage in your camp! Don't shut it out, don't be discouraged and LET LOVE work for you and with you! Love can build you or break you it's up to you to choose once and for all! :) You know exactly what to do next! Be patient and receive all that GOD has for you and more!

I want to share an example of how GOD uses people to LOVE you......I ended a 10 day fast with 5 of my closest girlfriends last week...God spoke in a way that even shocked me ....and though on day 10 at 12 noon-I did NOT FEEL as if what I was waiting for had taken place ...the LOVE and AWARENESS that GOD showed me in the end (900pm) confirmed his words to me through this email from my sister in spirit.....

"I know it is not always easy and I know you spend a ton of time uplifting others so I will say this to you... Your life is not in vain. You are loved deeply... Your works have not gone unnoticed... Your words do not fall on deaf ears rather they penetrate to the souls of those who need it most. You have the power to shift an entire generation of believers in your pen. Keep writing Keep serving believe. God will give you the desires of your heart. It will happen quick.....Not only are you ready for it but you Deserve it! I pray that God will continue to use you as a vessel to reach those of us who are struggling with this Christian walk. I pray that God will give you peace and the strength to handle all the things that come your way day today realizing that it is only temporary. I pray that God will enrich you with endless wisdom and the patience of Job (because you are going to need it where you are going...straight to the top baby! lol) You are awesome and I love you to the moon and back!"- Kim- Nashville, TN

Thank you KIM for loving me for me and my craziness without judgement! Your words came at the perfect hour directly from the heart of GOD! I believe it and receive every bit of your emailed prayer! You are more than appreciated! xoxoxo

Bottomline folks, God does not always answer prayer in the way that you think he will.....nor at the time you think he will...but when he does...he makes his words clear, plain and consistent...Your answer will be evident, his promise will be revealed so I urge you all to keep believing and keep pushing with LOVE! If you have not heard it today I LOVE YOU and there is NOTHING you can do about it! It will only get better from here! Some of your support may not come from your " Day 1's " it can be from your " New 1's" so do not cover your eyes from the new folks GOD blesses you with....he sent them for reason! Pay attention and LISTEN! There's a word for you in it all!

God does all things well never forget it!

Until next time,

R. Rene' -

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