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Wants, Needs and Everything in between!

Greetings Peeps!!!

Happy Saturday to all...I know it’s been close to whole 30 days since I last shared in this space so my sincere apologies to all! There is really no excuse with the exception of LIFE happens and you get pulled away from the things that pose as therapy or a gentle peace at times. The days become shorter, time becomes limited and before you know it you’ve almost allowed LIFE to take you away from the things you LOVE. PSA: Don't fall victim to LIFE, make LIFE fall victim to you and what you have created it to be less the opposite. Easier said than done yet possible!

Now that we have that covered let's talk about this TUG-A-WAR between our wants, needs and all things in between. Is it me or what? The older I get the more intense my desires to live with whole people in whole places doing whole things becomes. I mean literally it's like the more I see and experience the more my vision and dreams expand! Let's not forget the daily emails of 20 % off , 50%off, free-shipping for those new hand-bags , killer new nude heel line by CL ( Christian Louboutin) , the new Tesla and Groupon adventure sale for 10 day Costa Rican Tropical tour lol, my WANTS become more intense as well. It's quite the mind craze.

With my mind going 1000 miles a minute, my feet moving 7700 miles per second and my hands reaching in 5000 places every millisecond (Sound Familiar) I realize that there is a HUGE difference between what I truly desire, what I believe I want and what motivates me to do what I do to get what I need (MSG)....and the same goes for all of you. Many times we get caught up in this mental tug-a-war that can cause one much mental discourse because you have now become unable to discern what's happening. Television and Society has you thinking the life you live should look one way, the church another way, your family a 3rd way, your friends a 4th and then finally in the mix of your wants, needs and everything in between there is your way and GOD's way.

I want to encourage each of you this weekend in preparation for next week to check your MOTIVation?! (They ask me what I do and what I do it fa?) Is your answer in line with your personal Heart Desire? NO, not that one that just came to mind that you have convinced yourself to be true based on all the above...but the one you told GOD in private? The non-emotional response the one that remains the same no matter what happens in your life ...YES that one! It's time peeps time to get in a place of Radical Ridiculous love, concern and faith for self......there are many things that you are good at and that you have the capacity TO DO and do it very successfully, but don't settle just for that reason...dig deeper because there are some things that you can do that you shouldn't do and things that you should do that you DON'T do... Pure mismatch for a misfit (going against your own truth makes you a misfit) some of your current dismay comes from being misplaced on purpose! I say on purpose because you choose it. To live up to what someone else said you should want, need and all things in between...and you are still chasing someone else's dream because it seems right.... STOP, DROP and make a CHOICE before you pursue another thing! By now you get it and I know in my heart it will spark a change in your pace from this day definitely did for me this week. Know a WANT from a NEED and a NEED from a DESIRE.....because the only thing you NEED will always respond to your desires even when you are not honest about your WANTS.... similar in definition but different levels of power! (GOD knows, wink).

If you’re not honest with YOU, then WHO? , It's all in your hands!

Live Life, Focus and Dream BIG always!

Love you all with my wholeheart,

R. Rene'

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